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Let me share you guys my personal experience about my experience for playing mobile games and I would like to see your games as well. Feel free to comment below and let’s share our games. I have been active in mobile gaming once again and tried games with different genres. Exploring all types of genres is my goal now. Trying to set a benchmark when picking a game. I visited the appstore and google play and made my own research to make a list of all the games that I will play especially during the weekend.

First in my gaming list is Royal Revolt, a reversed tower defense game. Instead of making defense for your own territory, you will play as the invaders. Really cool and exciting story, gameplay and animation. Next up is Dead Trigger, a first person zombie action shooter game. High end graphics and controls. It can be a little tricky at first but you can adapt to it if you play longer. Last but not the least is Kingdom of Legend or K.O.L, a strategy game. One of the few and newest strategy games that I have played in Android and iOS. What I liked about this game is that you can control your own Kingdom. Resources, upgrades, soldiers and a whole lot more. Not to mention that the wars in this game are international. All players around the world can participate. The game itself is very easy to understand along with its mechanics. Superb illustrations of soldiers. A real eye candy if you ask me.

All I can say is that I enjoyed all these games but as a strategist in all types of games I play, King of Legend best suits me well. With all my friends and other players around the world all in one game, this would be one heck of a challenge. How about you guys? What are you playing right now? Are you into Strategy games as well? Lemme know your opinions and suggestions.


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My brother like Strategy games, i like to play games like Where`s my water, cut the rope. These days i m playing tiny thief and hack run. The games I enjoyed most is CAT PHYSICS and PLANTS VS ZOMBIES.


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I've enjoyed playing Plants VS Zombies too, and like what little I've played of Angry Birds in Space.:) I did go to see King of Legend at Google Play. From watching their youtube video, it looks very impressive too!;) I also found the game I play nearly every day on our Windows 8 system, Samurai Versus Zombies Defense which is available FREE for android & Chrome/webkit based browsers as well as Windows. In this game you can play either the Samurai or switch roles to battle on the side of Zombies. Both character groups utilize allies whom help you protect your village gate whilst over running your enemies' forces using special abilities, shooting flaming arrows,o_O and slashing enemies who just :eek:keep coming whether it's good for them or not!:p It's visually impressive, & graphics are finely detailed often in a very comic and laughable way!:D Whomever said "Violence cannot be fun!" was fibbing!:rolleyes:
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