Is Bitdefender THAT good?

  • Yes, it's actually THAT good.

    Votes: 32 31.7%
  • It's okay, but not THAT good.

    Votes: 57 56.4%
  • No, it's not good.

    Votes: 4 4.0%
  • Never used Bitdefender.

    Votes: 8 7.9%
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It's good if you use common sense whilst browsing/downloading and across using your system in general.. Like if you go around on dodgy/risky/shady websites which are not so popular or have bad reviews.. or even ignore the alert and allow something and get infected then you can't just blame it on the protection you have for not saving you!

Although I would still prefer a product like Avast Free compared to paid versions of Bitdefender...

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I tried Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 on Windows 10 64 with 6 GB RAM & didn't liked it for reasons -
1. Huge software
2. No offline full installer for 2016 version
3. Increases boot time, system/program response fine with occasional heaviness
4. Ghost traffic - Dont know if the web shield bug is fixed or not...I checked the forum & seems old bug & think returns back with some updates/upgrades/versions but not sure.
5. Occasional browser slowdown i.e sometime websites takes time to load
6. Delete instead of quarantine...dont know on what basis they delete some detection instead of quarantine. And seems sometimes restore too gives probs. And if I am correct the delete thing affected quite a few users with Outlook Mail i.e deleted mails.
7. Dont like the GUI...personal preference
8. Sometimes settings dont stick & reverts to default.
9. Additional software with no custom install
10. I voted its ok, not that good. I dont find it sign that good, BB is good But any BB misses stuffs, PUP protection is weak.

I had never tried Kaspersky for the reasons, additional software.
But I gave KIS 2016 a try & running it for around 40 days, uninstalled 2016 & installed latest 2017.
Everything fine here. 2017 version is an improved version compared to 2016...system boot is little faster & Kaspersky loads faster compared to 2016 version, GUI too is snappy compared to 2016, no probs here.
Additional software/feature I have disabled & settings stick & dont revert to default like Bitdefender.
Finding settings/options at first could be annoying as you forget what option is where, settings feels scattered but once you adapt, its feels easy & no probs.
I find signs & proactive quite good. Layered approach is better compared to Bitdefender. PUP detection is not that good And you have to enable it i.e disable by default.
I keep encrypted connection scan disabled, dont use safe money, software updater disabled.
I dont like security software installing their certs & mess with browsers to scan encrypted connections. And so keep encrypted connections & safe money disabled as safe money too requires encrypted connections scan.
I dont like Kaspersky trusts software with valid digital signs but I keep it enabled for usability & we are fairly safe users.

Between Bitdefender & Kaspersky, I would suggest Kaspersky But you may try both & see which one you & your system like.


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Seems that you might have leftovers from a previous antivirus installation. I would recomend you to contact bitdefender support (I know, they are a bit slow, but eventually they will solve it).
I agree. Most users don't feel a big slow-down in boot time. Something is not right.
If you once used kaspersky, and then you switched to bitdefender, that's your problem. You must run the kav remover tool, for the sake of your sanity. You can still run it, if you wish.
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