Q&A Is Redmi Note 8 still Worth Buying?


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Jan 31, 2014
I desire to replace my Redmi S2, which I have been using for almost 3 years already. It is still good and well, but would like a minor upgrade.

Right now I have a tight budget.

My Three Options:

1) Redmi Note 8
2) Poco X3
3) Poco M3

All of them are good because they have display protection (Gorilla Glass) and runs on Snapdragon. I don't need a powerful SOC because I am not a gamer. If I will buy Poco X3, I will have to wait for about 2 months more to save some money. Poco M3 has poor selfie cam (8MP) and has no EIS on rear cam. I could buy Redmi Note 8 now, but would like your opinions regarding:

1) Overall daily performance - browsing, YouTube, Ebook apps, Gmail, etc.
2) Battery Life
3) Camera. Can you pls post photos taken with Google Cam? Including the Selfie Cam. And some Night Sight shots too.
4) Connectivity. Many many are complaining about Wifi esp. when using with Bluetooth.
4) Durability

I don't prefer Redmi Note 9 because it's using MediaTek. I love flashing ROMs and using Gcam.

Thank you!