Q&A Is RGB lighting worth it?

Is RGB lighting worth it?

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Level 34
Nov 10, 2017
According to me it would be cool, enjoy it and fun, i dont know if its worth it or not..

Pros: they look cool on something so make you enjoy it and feels good i guess? lol
Cons: they eat more electricity and also they might hurt your eyes

Yea i think its affordable it on depend on what....

of course its safe i dont think something wrong with it...

thats my opinion


Level 24
Sep 13, 2018
Well, if you're a fan, it's can be as phabulous as your sense of esthetics. I've seen tacky RGB and very tastefully done lighting.

I looked it up on Amazon: 1 set of (2) LED strip lights goes for about 15 USD and up. So, that's generally affordable. But RGB can be incl. on just about any component, even your power supply. For a Corsair bronze 750 watt, I saw it add about 5 USD to the Amazon price, for eg.

Personally, I find it tacky in general. My PC's motherboard has an RGB controller, I shut it off in the BIOS. I have my Corsair RGB keyboard custom set, that's about all I will tolerate.

Tacky imo
Tasteful imo

As far as fire hazard: ?? I doubt it would be strictly an RGB thing. If the power supply is over-loaded, it will almost always simply shut down. The PSU can be more of a hazard that way, than the RGB.


Level 32
Apr 1, 2019
I have it on several components in my system because that’s what was available, but I leave it off a lot of the time because my side panel faces an outside wall so I don’t see it much. It is nice to easily tell if the system is on, and for some biased lighting. I’m indifferent, I care more about the performance.

Edit: Oh and it’s useful to make sure your fans are spinning on components if you have a glass panel and don’t want to open the case up to check.


From Serialcart.com
Oct 27, 2019
Well, to be honest this is something completely personal. They do not have any harm. If you like it go for it.

Personally I am a minimalist person and me preferred light is "white" for computer related devices. Something similar to what Apple is using.

But if you like RGB, now a days there are hundreds of options to choose from :) and some of them are really nice.
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