Is Unchecky actually needed

  • Yes

    Votes: 30 57.7%
  • No

    Votes: 22 42.3%
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Level 3
Unchecky is a useful program that people can choose to download if they feel they need it. It uses very little system resources and there is no negatives with installing it. If a user knows they are always careful while installing software then they won't need it. Unchecky is sort of a backup just in case there is a misclick. ;)


Level 15
I voted NO.
Unchecky Useful... YES, NEEDED... no.
Its weird but even when I knew little about computers I still rarely had PUP's... only a few, and nowadays none :)

My last PUP was early last yr OpenCandy in my old fav uninstaller... but there was no box to uncheck this, it was in the files themself. My Anti-virus Avira destroyed it on contact.


Level 17
It saves some time for the medium level to expert users having to de-select checkboxes.

It saves the cost to repair their PC's for the inexperienced users.

Believe me 70% of the people are illiterate about having to uncheck these boxes while installing. This software is extremely useful for them.
Save time ? You have to uncheck ( as far as I saw) , it simply warn you


Level 6
From my expirience it is great software, most of my family is click, click, Yes, Next type of users. They didn't learn English language in that level to use PC with usefull knowleage of privacy and security. Even when using software in my native language they don't understand the implications of unchecking garbage. In the end Uncheky saves me a lot of time for maintenance of theirs compiters.

Axelrod Sven

Level 3
I think we all can agree that there are:

1) Extremely careful and cautious users
2) Average careful/unchecking users <----needs unchecky
3) Apathetic users who click Next Next... <---definitely needs unchecky

It's safe to say that such software is bundled in because it would not always be downloaded/installed otherwise. Best examples...stuff bundled with well-known software like Java and CCleaner. And the person who must be installing, installs it in good faith or simply aware. And the junk that ends up on his system bogs him down even more than Unchecky could. If there is a need and a solution... I'm glad Unchecky was able to make use of it.


Level 85
Unchecky is needed by majority of users who are casual and have basic knowledge in computers.

Of course for experience users, it's no longer needed.

Overall the tool is not useless nor unnecesary, it has the purpose to do against misleading bundled products that tries to hide the checkbox.
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