Advice Request Is the improved performance of Microsoft Defender a myth? Should we necessarily be using a 3rd party AV?

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Dec 23, 2014
I can understand why @Furyo posted here. Anyway, I talked with @danb about SRP many times. We have different opinions, but I think that we could agree that:
  1. Anyone has the right to have a personal opinion about SRP.
  2. SRP protection is rather a complex topic, so any discussion about SRP on MT is pretty much useless - most readers cannot fully understand the arguments and cannot decide who is right.
  3. According to Microsoft, (classic) SRP and Applocker are not currently security boundaries.
  4. According to Microsoft, (classic) SRP and Applocker can be still very useful security layers.
  5. According to some MT members, both SRP and VoodooShield can be very useful security layers.
I would rather rely on the above and stop the further discussion about SRP in this thread. Such discussion was out of topic here, and the continuation will be out of topic too.
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Jan 11, 2018
MD can be bolstered by Microsoft Defender For Endpoint. If you need to get to settings not available on the home version, that's the ticket.

AV is good yes but EP supplements it in ways where AV is found wanting.

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