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You picked out established members of security forums and gave them unlimited free licenses and you didn't expect anything in return?

It's obvious you bought certain established security forum members positive opinions about AppGuard.

Now you have an established product you don't need to use the security community any more to test your software for free.

And NO you don't work for free do you. In fact you would not have a job with AddGuard if it wasn't for being a established forum poster.

We didn't pick anybody... every single person voluntarily requested to be a beta tester. Beta testers are volunteers of their own accord - and do it for their own personal reasons. They know the terms when enrolling - everything is transparent and up-front. And there isn't a shortage of those that want to be beta testers - there never has been.

Like I said, in exchange for beta testing each volunteer beta tester received a lifetime beta testing license. That was the barter agreement. Some beta testers reported only a few issues, while others were heavily active, and still others didn't participate at all in the end - and we didn't deactivate the licenses of those that didn't report a single thing.

We still beta test, but it is closed testing.

We didn't buy anybody's opinion. Our group of beta testers is the most honestly blunt and critical group of beta testers on the forums. They're definitely not a shy group and will level their opinions and complaints about the product where appropriate. Ask any one of them and they will tell you that AppGuard has bugs - just like any other software. I can tell you that the product has bugs, but in terms of sheer physical system protections, there is no equal. We don't need anybody to toot AppGuard's horn. We don't need to bribe beta testers to promote AppGuard. The product has proven itself time-and-again over many years.

The beta testing model is a voluntary one and it's unpaid. Anyone who signs-up to be a general beta tester of virtually any software product knows before hand that's the agreement. That's the way the industry and beta testing works and it isn't going to change. Sometimes beta testers get perks, and most other times they do not - which is publisher specific.

If a person does not want to participate in beta testing or report issues as a software user, then they don't have to. It's as simple as that.

"In fact you would not have a job with AddGuard if it wasn't for being a established forum poster."

Unfortunately for you, the above statement is a reflection on you, and not me. You can taunt me all you like - and try to get me to make it personal, but instead I will just ignore it. We see this sort of thing all the time within the microcosm of the security forums - and it matters not one bit.
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All antivirus are already packed of Artificial intelligence but not as standalone since it's still a big risk due to mechanism where accuracy will reduce.

The purpose of AI is to create better response by adapting the current techniques and form up 3x better of usual heuristics and generic detection.

Behavior Blocker is one of the typical example component that uses AI besides on cloud for smart pop-up detection.

Still it adds minimal increase of protection as the main tool goes on whitelisting technology.
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Behavior Blocker is one of the typical example component that uses AI besides on cloud for smart pop-up detection.
I got your point James, but let me say that BB uses default algorithms that interacts with predefined patterns, So I don't think BB can be equated to a form of Ai.
Real Ai means to take decisions according to a non-default context, but according to a subjective logic not written or pre-coded.
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I would like to know if there is currently an artificial intelligence based antivirus on the market that is free for home use.
Thank you very much in advance.
How does this question end up being a debate about beta testing.
If you have nothing of value to help the OP then do not reply!!!!!
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