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Nah its fine. Any ways you in India so its fine. Do you have AC in your room? If this was recorded when using AV it may be high. But dont worry till it crosses 70C. :emoji_beer:


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Really depends on what you were doing when the temp was recorded. If idle then its a little high, have you cleaned the fan yet or replaced the thermal grease? You can also pick up a laptop cooler for not much money.


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The temperature is fine. A normal temp for a laptop under some browsing should be around 40-60C.

Laptops will run hot to the touch, but generally run much cooler than a desktop because laptops have very limited space and fans to dissipate the heat that it's generates so the bottom will become quite warm.

You have to be careful not to block the air vent such as when you are in bed. Air flows into the PC from the bottom and your lap or soft surface will block the input.

A common symptoms of overheating is when it start to slow down or when it shutdown by itself.



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You're better off buying a REAL cooling pad, not some empty cases... you don't want this happening again.
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