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A friend of mine who used to be a Microsoft Technician commented on my post (on social media) about using Wise Care 365. He stated as such: "Nice fakeware". I've been doing some research online and found it's safe to use.

Is this product really fakeware?

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The guy could of been trolling.
Most likely, he had no idea what he was talking about. There's a common idea spread on the internet, that the trial version of any kind of cleanup/optimisation software will show made up errors, in order to make it appear that your computer has problems, so that you will want to buy the full version to fix these "errors." It is also said that the full paid version of these programs will do nothing. However, at least 99% of the time, that is quite simply not true.

With regards to Wise Care, it works well, but the registry cleaner has minor issues with false positives. Because of this, I recommend using Wise Disk Cleaner instead.


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Home of fake news.

Most won't even use half the features in any all-in-one solution, better to cut the crap and stick to a few tools.

Adding to @upnorth, calling yourself (your friend) a Microsoft Technician is no different to saying..
PC Optimizer Pro!! The most legitimate piece of software ever created. Definitely NOT spyware!! Download today to make sure your system isn't protected from anything. Be spied on and become more vulnerable to threats when you download PC Optimizer Pro. :ROFLMAO:


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you friend is fake LOL
ask him if he ever used it or one of the sub-apps (especially Wisedisk Cleaner far better than Ccleaner).
Indeed, WiseDisk is a very good program but for some reason keep failing to clean at least firefox history, i have to do it manually, instead ccleaner does it.
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