which one will you chose always ?

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  • Intel

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That is such a difficult question since there are advantages and disadvantages to both - like everything else IT. In any case, if given the choice, I would choose Intel for best compatibility.

Performance from either AMD or Intel - even on the low end - is more than likely sufficient for daily, typical use - unless you are running CPU-intensive softs.

AMD has a price advantage with decent performance, but AMD firmware and drivers can cause problems with some security softs - especially Comodo. AMD is constantly updating its softs and this causes Comodo to detect it as Unrecognized and then sandbox it. On my system some AMD\ATI drivers were sandboxed and it caused all sorts of problems until I fixed the issue locally and Comodo white-listed those files.

On top of it all, ATI was absorbed by AMD, but AMD never digitally signed those ATI files... so that's another issue.

Only through experience does one really know what the pros and cons are for both hardware and software = no clear cut answers.


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The last Intel pc I had before now was I believe a 500GHz Pentium years ago, then I went with AMD for the price difference and have had several different AMD systems since and they always ran fine I thought, last August I bought a desktop with an Intel i7-4770 and WOW, I went from an AMD A6 to the Intel and it was night and day, then this past May I bought a Asus laptop with an i5-4210m and again this system is rock solid and flies, the battery life of my laptop is insane. From here on out I will only buy Intel to me the difference was huge and worth the price.


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I mainly go AMD because of the price and many customers from when i built PC's preferred AMD because of the price difference. I always had to fit a water cooler with most of these AMD systems if the cases were compatible as AMD has pretty severe heat problems because they cram so much inside one. The top end AMD processor (I think the 9590) has 8 cores at over 4GHz and 16mb of cache. However I would go Intel because of lower power consumption and better instruction sets if I could afford one :eek: but I voted AMD because I have more experience with them. It is extremely difficult to determine a winner :D


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Intel for everything related to gaming and working, the AMD FX-8350 can't even outperform Intel Ivy Bridge which was released in 2012. The only thing worth buying from AMD currently are their APUs for casual gaming and small office work and even there I would go as far and say you are better of buying a Intel Pentium G3258.


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Budget build: AMD
High End: Intel
As for AMD iGPU they ain't that bad, better than iGPU from intel IMO.


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Personally I prefer Intel I have had one AMD.Intel for me performs well especially in gaming.
If your building a PC yourself or having one built for and are sticking to a budget AMD would be a good choice.
IMO opinion I would prefer to cut the costs out of a build somewhere else than the CPU.
Like others have said,it is really difficult to say which is better because it depends on so many factors.User experience being the number one factor


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I got my FX-8350 a few years ago for some coppers, oced' it to @4,5 with stock 1.4V prime stable and I'm quite happy with it, for my regular use on my computer it gets the job done heh.


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According on numerous benchmarks, Intel high end flagship processor are always in the lead in terms of categorical benchmarks which been thoroughly proved not just on PC and Laptops but also on some smartphones like ASUS where its processor incorporates from them, but in such other flip side AMD may have in the lead.

The price are vary but there's nothing wrong to choose between two of them, as long you conduct a research and satisfy from its result.

Other thing to incorporate are cores which should help in the performance.

GHZ in highest numbers are not always the highest in the benchmarks, everything are varies on the component of processor.


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Prefer AMD far over Intel. They work better with my particular needs and game just fine. What's right for me might not be for others. If you want a server for example, go Intel all the way. They have very nice processors for that exact purpose. Some real monsters if you need to serve a ton of people/customers.


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I'm going to be every fan based here but I've always gone Intel. After having it in my laptop and it kept overheating I went to Intel and have not a problem with Intel at all.


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Not voting for anything. One can't always choose Intel or AMD. It depends on the purpose of the build & the budget.

For the average PC user, an AMD APU will do its job since it costs less and also have a good integrated GPU. Yes, Intel CPU's also come with iGPU but they aren't as good as AMD except the recent broadwell CPU's with Iris iGPU which costs a ton.

If you are making a build for gaming, then i5 is the best choice at this point of time. But if you are making a budget gaming build then AMD FX 6300/8350 is also a good choice as most games are GPU intensive and only few games are CPU intensive. Check this, http://www.anandtech.com/show/8426/...view-core-i7-5960x-i7-5930k-i7-5820k-tested/6.

If you want a high performance build for video editing, 3d modelling etc., then i7 is the best choice.

If you have too much money & want an extreme build, then you got i7 Extreme & Xeons. :p

The main issue with the current gen AMD CPU's is that they fall behind Intel by a large margin when it comes to IPC. But this doesn't matter much for a general purpose PC.

The upcoming Intel's Skylake seems to offer only very less improvements over haswell. So its AMD's move now. Hope they make a dent in the universe with Zen. :D
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