which one will you chose always ?

  • AMD

    Votes: 16 17.0%
  • Intel

    Votes: 78 83.0%
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My Laptop is having i5, my old desktop is having AMD.

Both are good. I choose AMD on my desktop because I was little tight on my budget on that and I rarely use it. But still I wanted to have a powerful desktop ;).

But I can tell you one thing both are very good. Never felt any single problem in either one of them.


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According on numerous benchmarks, Intel high end flagship processor are always in the lead in terms of categorical benchmarks which been thoroughly proved not just on PC and Laptops but also on some smartphones like ASUS where its processor incorporates from them, but in such other flip side AMD may have in the lead.

The price are vary but there's nothing wrong to choose between two of them, as long you conduct a research and satisfy from its result.

Other thing to incorporate are cores which should help in the performance.

GHZ in highest numbers are not always the highest in the benchmarks, everything are varies on the component of processor.
That's the problem with AMD processors. They have these high specs like ridiculous clock speeds and 6+ cores and a high cache memory but the problem is is that AMD hides the fact that these processors have poor instruction sets as opposed to a Intel processor which means benchmarks of AMD processors are around the same level if not lower than an Intel processor


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Budget wise AMD is a good option, since you get more cores at affordable price which is good for highly multi-threaded apps. AMD cpu design is outdated whilst comparing intel's. Older hardware seems to take a major performance hit against newer architecture.
For laptops, I prefer intel though.


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Buying a CPU isn't about getting the best on the market. And tomorrow's CPU undoubtedly will be better than today's.


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It will boil down to price actually.
The performance gain on Intel high end CPUs vs AMD's high end CPUs is usually barely noticible for the average user and even gamer. When I say gamers, I am referring to users who have rigs that run TITANS SLI or high end AMD Graphic Cards, 32gb RAM, SSDs etc.

On low end systems however AMD is slightly behind on Intel tho again considering hardware specs of all components, user cannot pinpoint much difference.

mid range is on equal level.

So yeah high end AMD tends to be cheaper than Intel's i7's for example.

Power consumption is not the only thing. What people tend to forget is that there are motherboards that are built for each type of brand and others that support both but are more inclined to be performing better to one than another.

I own the 2nd gen Intel i7 and 4th gen Intel i7 for laptops. If I'm simply comparing its processor capabilities, not much difference aside from price range, but if I compare the 2 systems as a whole, my ROG is twice as better than my XPS 17 custom made.

this should clarify the general misconception.


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I am a fan of both, so I really can't say one is better than the other.

But, this is the way I see it.

AMD = Decent performance CPU's, more affordable.
Intel = Best performance CPU's, possibly at a higher cost.


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I think AMD are cheaper but not as reliable
Intel which are more expensive but more reliable and will last longer.
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Today: Always Intel
10 years ago: Always AMD (they were on top)
Ah the old fight between Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon...

AMD won because its better FPU (floating point unit) , for now it is intel the leader for low-medium end specs machines.
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