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I don't know why United States Government use Kaspersky products in the first place.
Who use Foreign security products in governance systems? :oops:
And I'm sure the US has Alternatives Becuase they are the leader of tech Industry. :oops:
I know Eugene Kaspersky is one of few Angels on the planet :)ROFLMAO:) But that move Really looks stupid. ( use Kaspersky Products )
Here in Iran, we have 2 of most Sophisticated Cyberattack in History [ Flame & Stuxnet ] So Iran Government learns a lesson in Hard Way. :D


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Flame and Stuxnet, both discovered by Kaspersky. Kaspersky is top tier.

For the average consumer

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying

I have bee using Kaspersky for years I just don't know what to think about all this.

I could remove it and install something else but if it really is happening at Kaspersky, they are probably not the only ones with a government using their program.

Perhaps the best solution to all of this is a good multiplayer protection scheme.
I have been using Kaspersky on and off for more than a decade. That also includes other AV's in that period. All of them, not a single issue in terms of them ex-filtrating or any other nefarious scenario, same goes for the the "free" AV's, where they use data collection extensively.

Kaspersky has found of a lot of Israeli and American malware, this could be entirely a smear campaign. Besides the US, other countries haven't banned it.
I'm not a politician.
I'm not a spy.
I'm just a normal guy.

So, that´s not problem for me and i will continue to use the same products despite of all rumors (true or not).

Until they start using censorship like some other products/enterprises, it's all OK for me.

The only problem i see in Kaspersky, is that they have a high price for me, so i prefer Emsisoft instead.

I'm thinking in give a try to Yandex eMail too...


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Guys- this stuff is not new. It's just that the previous Administration blew off warnings which led to many resigning in despair. Finally there are those in power with the Ears to Hear and the Wit to Understand.
I am a bit in doubt on how to read/interpretate your post: When people responsible of the previous administration left in despair and the current administration (finally in power) have the ears to hear and the wit to understand, are you implying that the "to be boycotted" take on Kaspersky is correct?


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Like I said above, we may never know the whole truth from the USA. I will base my decision to continue to use Kaspersky dependant upon what other governmental agencies do with Kaspersky. I don't think they would continue to use a product that might spy on them. At the moment, Germany, and Australia see no foul play.