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John Jr.

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Hi everybody,

I am using Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) on my laptop running under Windows XP Professional Sp3.

Please, I would like to ask if KIS is efficient enought to protect against all or most of all viruses and malwares, if KIS requires a special configuration for this and if an anti-malware should be installed to achieve a total protection ?
If yes, what would be this anti-malware ? Should it run along with KIS or should I use it only for scanning from time to time ?
Should I install some special adds and tools (Cryptoevent, MalwareBytes Antiexploit, Spyware Blaster, etc.) with the Firefox browser I'm using ?


JM Safe

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You are posting a security config, and you are saying you use Kaspersky, but your real-time field is empty.
And, yes, you can use Kaspersky with, for example, MalwareBytes and Zemana. I highly recommend to update, at least, to Windows 7.
Zemana AntiMalware Free doesn't have the real-time protection, but you can use it with Kaspersky and MalwareBytes.

Please fill in all thread fields.

I suggest to add a backup software, a good content blocker, such as uBlock Origin, and also HTTPS Everywhere, BD Trafficlight and CCleaner Free.

You can also add MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit.

Thanks for sharing.
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Kapersky is sufficient enough to protect an Operating system that is still supported and able to receive vital OS updates to protect against vulnerabilities.
With no real time protection and an unsupported OS your PC is at risk.
You have had an infection within the last 3 months and your still using XP?
First and foremost I suggest you update your operating system.
Please fill in a complete config.


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As mentioned above, you don't need to think beyond Kaspersky for real-time. If at all you wish to tighten security,
have these
Realtime - Zemana Anti-malware (premium)
On demand Scanners - Zemana Anti-malware / Emsisoft Emergency Kit
And a blocker/whitelister like - VooDooShield / Crystal security
You really need an up-to-date OS.
Install an anti-exploit (MalwareBytes Anti-exploit).
Also, use Chrome over Firefox because it includes sandboxing (not much significant) and good level of script/url blocking in itself without plugins (though FF also has some).
Alongside, add uBlock Origins, Avira Browser Safety, HTTPS everywhere to Chrome. Keep a good VPN if you need it.
Use sandboxing whenever you are going for a risky adventure (Sandboxie / sandbox in 360 Total Security / Comodo).
That's it! Keep safe.

EDIT: Don't use a blocking program if you have two realtime softwares, and vice versa.
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Hey John Jr. Good to see you made it over here from MGs.

If you want to earn PC Secure on your laptops from MTs (where it says PC At Risk), it might not be possible with XP. However, if you are stuck with XP for the short term or for awhile, you can lock down your laptops very well indeed with software that supports XP.

Welcome to MTs, and keep an open mind. You don't have to know it all, and, yes, some are still on XP out there, so don't let advice to change get you down. It's good advice, but only meant for your acknowledgment.

To change the contents of your current configuration in your first post in the thread, navigate to the top of this thread and click on "Thread Tools" and then on "Edit Thread Fields". You can at any time edit any of the information in the fields. Once you update changes then you can post the changes in a post in this same thread to get great commentary and tips and advice. It's kind of like a rolling journal of your changes in that way.
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