Question JRMC/Audirvana/Audirvana Studio/Roon?


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Oct 14, 2021
Hi, do you use any of these Players/Streamers?
I use all 3, because I am a nerd/can't decide, and enjoy them all.
My favorite is Audirvana Studio, it is an amazing piece of software, it plays CUE files which I need, and so does JRMC.
What is your preference?:)


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Apr 7, 2016
I use ROON. Mostly because Audeze and ROON has made a collaboration. ROON have some special Audeze presets, for all the Audeze models. ROON also have some DPS in build. There is a good parametric EQ also. That way I can have different settings for loud and low SPLs. Like a kind of loudness button on an amplifier.
I use it with Tidal lossless plan.
I have heard much good about Audirvana, but I haven't tried it yet.
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