Level 85
jv16 PowerTools v3.0.0.1267 Released

Whats New:
• Bug fix: The program can freeze when performing the Initial Setup or when fixing registry errors.
• Bug fix: Clean and Fix My Computer (and Registry Cleaner) can experience an epic fail and report
“failed to modify key” with registry keys that can be modified.
• Bug fix: The Settings window doesn’t always correctly show the message that asks you to restart PowerTools for the changed settings to take effect.
• Bug fix: Running the Software Uninstaller (or Decrap my Computer) can crash to EConvertError.
• Bug fix: Running the File Cleaner can show a minor cosmetic glithces while the tool is running.
• Improvement: Fixing registry errors with the Clean and Fix My Computer and Registry Cleaner is now a lot faster.
• Improvement: The accuracy of the Software Uninstaller’s list of found software is now higher.
• Improvement: The Initial Setup will now run much faster than before.
• Improvement: Many parts of the program will now work even faster.
• Improvement: Increased the accuracy of the File Cleaner.
• Improvement: Added Arabic and Korean translations.
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