Update Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Home


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Aug 17, 2014
This version includes even a new UI as dark theme, I just taken a few screenshots for interested users:




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Apr 13, 2013
I tried out the new version and noticed a few things (others can verify)-

1). When installed on a Win 11 system, a popup stating that "In this Windows version the application functionality can be limited", whereas it installed fine on Win 10.
2). unlike the previous KAR builds which detected/blocked/deleted various malware types (not restricted to ransomware) on either file run or manual scan, the new version, while also detecting and blocking various types of malware will NOT delete anything detected (must get the Premium version to do this).
3). Please note that both the Home and Biz versions are signed by 3 separate Certificates: AO Kaspersky Labs, Kaspersky Labs JVC, and Kaspersky Lab. Although the first 2 are valid and countersigned, the latter although countersigned has a Root Certificate which is not trusted by the Trust Provider.

So although the GUI of this new version is indeed nice, in my opinion the above issues limit its usefulness.


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Mar 16, 2019
That could be due to memory integrity being enabled on Win11 🤔
Kaspersky uses its own hypervisor to hook the kernel.
So yes, pretty sure Memory Integrity is the main reason of this warning. Memory Integrity/Enabling Hyper-V reduces gaming performance on my PC, so it's possible that Kaspersky's usage of hypervisor for kernel hooking may also have some impacts :unsure: (Never tested, so just wondering).


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Apr 16, 2017
I installed KART v6.1.0.90. on win10 21H2 last night. Companion for ESET. Seems to be running quietly in background, with its service + gui using about 150 mb RAM & very little cpu 0-1%. I don't know about other versions but this one first runs a scan initially after installation, and I get the impression that it is scanning for malware too. But wow the scan took over 2 hours on ssd with nothing else running, and its default is to run a scan once a week, and free-user (non-premium user) cannot turn that scan off!. This slow scan found zero (0) malware. From what I see, the Premium version of KART is the full Kaspersky AV Premium. Does this sound correct, or am I misreading / or misunderstanding something?? Also no official support only community support. I had uninstalled AppCheck to try KART

EDIT: once a auto-scan starts user can cancel the scan, but free-user cannot turn off the scheduled scan in advance or set the schedule.

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