Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 VS Avast! Internet Security 2016

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If you have the money to purchase it, I would strongly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2016.
Overall, Kaspersky might not be as user friendly (many alerts when properly configured) and as light as Avast (Kaspersky always was a little hoggy, although that has been mostly fixed in the recent versions), however the security components of KIS are much more mature and powerful (when properly configured) than those of AIS.

In conclusions, if you have capable computer hardware and you don't mind a little bit of configuration and quite a few alerts, I would definitely recommend KIS.
If you believe that KIS might be too heavy for your system, and that you do not really visit suspicious sites and download suspicious applications, then I'd recommend AIS. :p

Mihir :-)

But KIS 2016 startup is slow to load it is not improve alot from previous versions.

Sorry not in the poll but i would say Norton 2016. ;) Condemnation i know but still this is what i stand by. :D
But it is now totally based on clouds.I previously like the version 20 of Norton Internet Security.
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I would recommend Kaspersky for its Protection and Lightness in your computer. Kaspersky services start at the earliest in your computer but the Tray icon may take some time to load the app. What are you really concerned about kaspersky? The system responsiveness for its existance in your computer or for launching KIS ? As I have used this product before this application takes some time to load but I believe its services starts along with the system. And System responsiveness is good with its existance in the background. I suggest Kaspersky, ESET, Webroot and Norton for any computer.


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Kaspersky is probably better than Avast in terms of detection however I have ran Avast IS 2016 for a couple months and it is surprisingly good.It is the first time I have ever run Avast IS other than installing Avast Free on PC's I have fixed.
I think KIS 2016 still has a few bugs especially load time but my advice would be to give Avast IS 2016 a try.I believe if you download the trial they offer 60 days which is a decent amount of time to give it a trial run.You might be surprised but you will never know until you try it.Avast IS 2016 has a decent GUI with a slew of features/tools as well as a secure browser/sandbox.
It is hard to compare products because there are so many variables involved.System specs,installed software,browsing habits,level of experience and operator error all factor in to the equation.
Best advice is always give each one a trial run.If you have already tried KIS 2016 then maybe give Avast IS 2016 a trial run.I personally would never base what I use on my machine from a war room debate or some AV testing lab.


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Kaspersky and avast! use different approaches for their protection.
Kaspersky's Application control is based on Trusted listing. Another great thing about Kaspersky is System watcher, which will roll back any actions caused by infections.
Those are two of the strong points of Kaspersky

Where Kaspersky fall's short is not so much system responsiveness (a lot has been improved over the years), but the Boot impact and before Kaspersky is loaded when you are in Windows.

Scan time, CPU and I/O Writing during scan and cleaning process is not that intense at all.

avast!: cant really compare to Kaspersky. But its a decent solution however also bundled with what people consider bloatware. Why pay for IS when you can pair avast! free with third party tools free of charge?

I would recommend Kaspersky IS if its to be recommended between Paid solutions.

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Kaspersky is not a bad program, but very heavy and personally I don't see why other programs with more features can be very light but Kaspersky is so heavy...

avast! Would be your best choice, with Hardened mode on aggressive, it acts like an anti-executble, but not as harsh:

Please feel free to PM me if you want settings for avast! :)

P.S: If you wish to use Kaspersky, you can run avast! Compatibility mode so it will run with almost any other AV.


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new version of Kaspersky is really fast and great i do't know why u said Kaspersky is a little heavy!
i use it for 6 days its very great...
#1-I get an image when Kaspersky Scan my system here it is:

#2-when Kasperky is ideal:

I use Kaspersky with MAX setting!
dose any one here to said its slow down or heavy...
dose avast use lower ram with that level of protection(max setting i mean) same as Kaspersky?!


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Kaspersky: Protection wise, Kaspersky is the clear winner, not even when talking about static detection. The behavioral and application control modules in Kaspersky are incredibly strong; even if something were to get past the heuristics (which are also one of the best), the application control of KAV/KIS will limit what said malware could do... unless of course it was digitally signed using a fake certificate. Kaspersky automatically gives full trust to digitally signed items on default settings (unless that has changed). If you (or anyone for that matter) use(s) KAV/KIS I highly recommend going into the application control settings and unchecking the setting to fully trust signed applications. Kaspersky's firewall is also one of the best when it comes to automatically controlling internet access for programs; rare is the occasion when you have to decide yourself to let a program connect or not (again, recommend unchecking the "automatically trust digitally signed programs" option).
Now, the reason I cannot use Kaspersky is because it makes my system completely unusable. I have tried time and time again when a new version is released (as to not be one of those people who only try it once and say "XYZ Product sucks because it is slow and bloated.... when that was 10 years ago). Each time, my system slows to a complete crawl. The User Interface of Kaspersky takes a good while to load, and the system responsiveness overall drops severely, and often locks up completely when I try to simply open a web browser. Mind you I have 16 GB of RAM, an Intel i7 4510U and an SSD... my computer is not exactly lacking in the power department. This is my biggest issue with Kaspersky.

Avast: avast isn't as good in detection as Kaspersky, but as we know here in MT and as it's been said time and time again, detection isn't everything ;). Avast is certainly lighter than Kaspersky, unless you tell the filesystem shield to scan all files any time they are modified, written, read, and opened, scan whole files... then your system will become just a paperweight, because that's all you'll be able to use it for, but who really needs to set the filesystem shield to do that anyway? Scanning on writing and opening, for the most part, covers the file enough in regards to realtime scanning. There comes a point where scanning the file 5 times in a 5 second time span won't really accomplish much.... so if you leave the default settings for the scanning portion of the filesystem shield, you should be fine; however I would recommend that in the filesystem shield settings you increase the heuristics to maximum. Avast's firewall also auto-decides internet access for applications, and I can't speak as to which firewall is smarter (avast or KIS) as I haven't put the two of them against each other in a dedicated test. Avast IS includes a sandbox, which you can use to run files you aren't sure about, or just to sandbox your browser. Kaspersky does not include a sandbox.
Avast also includes "Home Network Security" which scans your router to make sure it is set up properly (according to the avast website). Kaspersky also does not include this type of module.
Biggest issues with avast!: constant up selling of other avast products... look, I already purchased your full version IS/Premier... I don't need you trying to get me to drop another 50$ on secureline, or password manager, or grimefighter.... I purchased an AV Suite, not an avast advertisement suite. Although you can disable the nag screen popups in the paid versions, they shouldn't even be there in the first place.
The other major problem I have with avast is that tech support cost 180& A YEAR!! Almost ALL paid security solutions include free support.... 180$ is extremely expensive... it costs more than the product itself!!!

Both AIS and KIS include some sort of secure browser or banking protecting, again I can't speak for which is better as I haven't tested them 1v1 specifically. They work a bit differently, as AIS uses an isolated/virtualized browser known as "SafeZone", but honestly, if the end result is the same: protect your banking/sensitive data from keyloggers, MiTM, screen capture, etc. then they are even in my book even if AIS's SafeZone works differently from KIS's banking protection.

Honestly, I didn't yet vote for either product, because I personally use neither of them exclusively... I enjoy playing around with them and exploring them, but I don't rely on either of them. If I had to choose between the two of them in regards to giving a recommendation, I would probably say Kaspersky... IF your system doesn't lock up when you try to use it.


The only reason I dropped Kaspersky was because my license expired, and I don't really have any spare money. It runs very light, other than the somewhat slow boot time, and I have a relatively midlevel, if not slightly under midlevel PC. So yeah, I'm not understanding this concern by some that it's heavy.
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