What is your opinion of kaspersky products?

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Evjl's Rain

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wasn't expecting that. KIs is even lighter then ESET
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that's not everything. In fact, Kaspersky consumes ~410-420MB of RAM in total in my case. I don't trust task manager data because most vendors hide their total real RAM usage. They push it to virtual memory so task manager won't read it
moreover, Kaspersky is not lighter than ESET because kaspersky's scanning speed is very slow/more thorough, which makes it slower than other AVs when running something for the first time

still, it's my favorite AV


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Yes I really like kaspersky, Infact I use It the KIS 2019 version for quite some time now and used kaspersky In the past version like 2016/2017 ones, always love It and always will probably will always use It depends how things will change In the future.


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I respect your opinion but can I ask you why the fact that K is a Russian company, is a deterrent not to use it?
Please do not consider this as a provocation, just asking :)
I am from Holland and all thats been happening with Russia and the EU lately. + MH17 involvement denial by Russia i will not support anything from Russia. Recently 4 hackers from Rusland have been busted here in Holland.

Predrag Radjenovic

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As we have some fuckups with ESET licenses at work for like 2 weeks already, I asked our admin to put a Kaspersky IS on my notebook as recently I've got a personal license for a bargain. Both him and I agree that until the ESET situation is cleared, it' better to have it than not. It's not a powerful system mind you, QC Core i5, 16GB RAM, etc.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised:
- This thing is light! - right now it's scanning something in the background and it's less than 150mb RAM and 5% CPU usage. But screw the numbers, Windows 10 Ent FEELS lighter to work with - opening and closing windows, programs, those little things... just feels snappier than with ESET Endpoint security. The little pic is in the attach...

- Features - I don't need to tell you this, check out the reviews or something. Obviously you can't compare it with the ESET ERA and it's rule-based endpoint control for business environments, but for the home user this thing is granular, I super like it. Especially the update center (updates all there is to update on the machine, and you can exclude stuff also), I love this feature on linux.

To be honest, if I didn't use default-deny solutions and if KIS initial update is faster now, I would use it. I don't see a better home user full suite at the moment.
- @Umbra - I haven't really noticed anything weird with the initial updates (or any other updates for that matter), so I think it's safe to say they fixed this.

Honestly, I think I'll put this on my Windows machine at home and replace Emsisoft and Comodo firewall (I know I can use windows firewall and blah blah, I just prefer the rule creation on Comodo - select folder -> block out/in -> done).

EDIT: the pic