New Update KeePassXC 2.7.0 adds support for Windows Hello, Touch ID, Apple Watch, improves Auto-Type,


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Aug 17, 2014

What's new in KeePassXC 2.7.0 Beta

Tags and Groups

KeePassXC now supports the KDBX 4.1 database format. You may add tags to your logins, to find them faster. e.g. tag your email IDs with "mail".

keepassxc add tags

Click on the tags in the sidebar to filter the view and only see the results that match.

keepassxc tags

Groups can be cloned from the context menu and the Group menu.

keepassxc clone group

The new groups will inherit the settings of the parent group, though you can customize these settings.

keepassxc group cloning

Database backup, Cloud Saving

Regular users may know that the password manager has an option to autosave changes made to the database. It also creates a backup of the vault, that you can revert to in case something went awry. The latest version of KeePassXC lets you choose the folder where the backup of the database is saved to.

KeePassXC 2.7.0 Beta database backup cloud

Users who have their vault saved on cloud storage services, can now select to save changes to the database directly on the server, or use a temporary file. These options can be toggled from the File Management section of the General settings.

Password Rating Column

A new column called Password Strength is available, which, when enabled, will display a colored box to indicate the strength of the selected credential. You can mouse over the box to view a tooltip that displays the password rating.

keepassxc password rating


The Perform Auto-Type button on the toolbar has an arrow icon next to it, clicking on which displays a dropdown menu. You can use it to set the hotkey for Auto-Type on a per-account basis. Auto-Type now lets you pick whether to input only the username or the password, as opposed to entering both fields.

keepassxc new auto-type menu

The password manager can be set to lock the database automatically, after Auto-Type has been used.

Quick Unlock

This is another feature that I like in KeePass with the KeePassWinHello plugin. It provides a convenient way to unlock your vault by using your device's fingerprint scanner, or your Windows PIN. KeePassXC 2.7.0 brings this feature natively (without a plugin).

KeePassXC 2.7.0 Beta adds support for Windows Hello, Touch ID, Apple Watch, improves Auto-Type, and more

It will still prompt you to input the master password when you run the program, but for subsequent unlocks, i.e. when your database is locked, you can use Touch ID, Apple Watch or Windows Hello to quick unlock your vault easily. This security feature is enabled by default, and can be toggled from the Settings > Security > Convenience page.

keepassxc quick unlock windows hello

Prevent screenshots

KeePassXC 2.7.0 introduces a new screen capture prevention option on Windows and macOS. It makes the program's window transparent, in order to block screenshots from obtaining the contents displayed within its interface.

keepassxc allow screenshots

There is no option to toggle this feature. So, how did I capture the screenshots? You can turn this security feature off by using an argument. Create a desktop shortcut for KeePassXC.exe, and open its Properties window. Add the following argument at the end of the Target field, --allow-screencapture. Hit OK, and the program will let you capture screenshots of the interface.

Browser integration

KeePassXC now supports Microsoft Edge on Linux. The extension has a new option that integrates it with the native password generator, when invoked, it calls the desktop tool's passphrase generator and sends the data to the add-on. It also has a new menu item for TOTP.

keepassxc browser extension

The plugin can be used to trigger Auto-Type, manage the Group settings, search for entries by Path or UUID. The extension will automatically download the favicon for entries.

Download the latest version of KeePassXC for Windows, macOS, and Linux from the project's GitHub page. For a full list of changes, fixes, please refer to the release notes, which are available on the same page.



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Aug 17, 2014
KeePassXC (Stable) Release 2.7.0
Major Additions
  • Implement KDBX 4.1 [#7114]
  • Add direct write save option for cloud storage and GVFS [#6594]
  • Prevent screen capture on Windows and macOS [#6030]
  • Support quick unlock using Windows Hello [#7384]
  • Support quick unlock using Apple Watch [#5526]
  • Allow specifying database backup paths [#7035]
  • Add tag functionality [#6487][#7436][#7446]
  • Add password rating column to entry view [#4797]
  • Add group clone action [#6124]
  • Show modifications between entry history items [#6789]
  • Ability to bulk-delete and purge unused custom icons [#5970]
  • Support adding custom passphrase wordlists [#6799]
  • Support passphrase wordlists in numbered and PGP-signed formats [#6791]
  • Implement support for hardware keys via wireless NFC [#6895]
  • SSH Agent: Add support for OpenSSH 8.2 FIDO/U2F keys [#6371]
  • CLI: Implement attachment handling [#5538]
  • CLI: Add support for okon in offline HIBP checks [#5478]
  • CLI: Implement search command and remove locate [#6805]
  • CLI: Add db statistic output to db-info command [#7032]
  • CLI: Add -i/--include option to generate command. [#7112]
  • CLI: Add a -n (--notes) option to add and edit commands [#4646]
  • CLI: Add keyfile option to import command [#5402]
  • CLI: Adding a best option to clip to copy a password of the best match [#4489]
  • Browser: Add Microsoft Edge support on Linux [#7100]
  • Browser: Support native password generator from the extension [#6529]
  • Browser: Add group settings [#4180]
  • Browser: Add feature to ignore entries for HTTP-Auth Logins [#5394]
  • Browser: Support triggering Auto-Type from browser extension [#6272]
  • Browser: Add delete-entry command to API [#6899]
  • Browser: Add search 'by-path' url to API [#5535]
  • Browser: search for entries by UUID to API [#4763]
  • Browser: Support auto-download of favicon on entry addition [#7179]
  • Auto-Type: Major improvements to Auto-Type [#5864][#7463][#7435][#7391][#7129][#6400][#6364][#6361][#5283][#7507]
  • Auto-Type: Fix typing to virtual machines on Windows [#7366]
  • Auto-Type: Re-implement X11 keysym emulation [#7098]
  • Auto-Type: Support multiple Xkb layouts [#6247]
  • Auto-Type: Abort keystroke if modifiers held on X11 [#6351][#6357]
  • Auto-Type: Add TOTP option to entry level Auto-Type menu [#6675]
  • FdoSecrets: Major Refactor and Code Consolidation [#5747][#5660][#7043][#6915]
  • FdoSecrets: Implement unlock before search [#6943]
  • Reports: Add browser statistics report [#7197]
Major Changes
  • Port crypto backend to Botan [#6209]
  • Improve attachment handling and security [#6606][#5034][#7083]
  • Allow selecting any open database in unlock dialog [#5427]
  • KeeShare: Remove checking signed container and QuaZip dependency [#7223]
  • Introduce security option to enable copy on double click (default off) [#6433]
  • Add 'delete entry without confirm' functionality [#5812]
  • Improve macOS and Windows platform integration [#5851]
  • Lock only the current database by default [#6652]
  • Show expired entries on DB unlock [#7290]
  • Update D-Bus adaptor interface class name to match definition file [#7523]
Other Changes and Fixes
  • Add countdown progress bar to TOTP preview [#6930]
  • Enter favicon url directly on icons page [#6614]
  • Set C++17 as standard in the build system [#7180]
  • Internalize ykcore into code base [#6654]
  • Transition to Visual Studio builds on Windows [#5874]
  • Ability to delete entries from health check reports [#6537]
  • Enhance remembering last-used directories [#6711]
  • Implement org.freedesktop.appearance.color-scheme support on Linux [#7422]
  • Support sorting HTML export [#7011]
  • Add display number of characters in passphrases [#5449]
  • Use Alt+Tab on macOS to switch between databases [#5407]
  • Add feature to sort groups using shortcut keys [#6999]
  • Add CTRL+Enter to apply password generator changes [#6414]
  • Display Database created timestamp on statistics report [#6876]
  • Browser: Improve best matching credentials setting [#6893]
  • SSH Agent: Use both Pageant and OpenSSH agent simultaneously on Windows [#6288]
  • SSH Agent: Allow using database path to resolve keys [#6365]
  • SSH Agent: Show correct error messages in main window [#7166]
  • Multiple fixes for MSI installer [#6630]
  • Fix tab order for CSV import dialog to match screen order [#7315]
  • Don't mark kdbx:// urls as invalid [#7221]
  • Make selected text copyable instead of copying password [#7209]
  • Detect timestamp resolution for CSV files [#7196]
  • Fix crash while downloading favicon [#7104]
  • Correct naming of newly generated keyx files [#7010]
  • Place the 'Recycle Bin' at the bottom of the list when groups are sorted [#7004]
  • Handle tilde with custom browser paths [#6659]
  • Don't scroll up when deleting an entry [#6833]
  • Set the MIME-Type to text/plain when using wl-copy on wayland [#6832]
  • Fix adaptive icon painting [#5989][#6033]
  • Fix favicon download from URL with non-standard port [#5509]
  • Ignore recycle bin on KeePassHTTP migration [#5481]
  • Fix keepassxc-cr-recovery utility [#7521]
  • Fix Auto-Type not working when audio recording indicator is active on macOS 12.2+ [#7526]



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Aug 17, 2014

KeePassXC 2.7.1 released​

  • Show when tags are changed in entry history [#7638]
  • Improve tags editing and allow spaces in tags [#7708]
  • Improve layout of entry preview panel [#7767]
  • Incorporate patches to support Flatpak distribution [#7728]
  • Add expiration presets for 12 and 24 hours [#7738]
  • Fix crash when building history change list [#7638]
  • Fix hiding password on database unlock [#7725]
  • Fix AES KDF slow transform speed [#7755]
  • Auto-Type: Correct timing issue on macOS and Linux that prevented typing [#7588]
  • Auto-Type: Fix use of Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win modifiers on Windows [#7629]
  • Auto-Type: Reduce/eliminate delay when searching for entries [#7598]
  • Auto-Type: Map ASCII dead keys on Linux for international keyboards [#7614]
  • CLI: Fix detection of hardware keys (YubiKey) [#7593]
  • CLI: Add missing parameter -c to add/edit entries command [#7594]
  • Secret Service: Fix crash when multiple prompts are shown [#7786]
  • SSH Agent: Fix default agent selection on Windows [#7764]
  • Fix database unlock dialog not being the top window on Linux [#7771]
  • Fix drag/drop entries between tabs on Wayland [#7628]
  • Fix compiling with minizip-ng [#7638]


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Nov 10, 2017
KeePassXC 2.7.3 release notes:


  • Enhance Tags Support and Add Saved Searches [#8435, #8607]
  • Significant improvements to entry preview panel [#7993]
  • Add password strength indicator to all password fields [#7885]
  • Limit zxcvbn entropy estimation length to 128 characters [#7748]
  • Try full URL path when fetching favicon [#8565]
  • Hide usernames in preview panel when hidden in entry view [#8608]
  • Enable dark title bar on windows when accent color is not used [#8498]
  • Add option to display passwords in color in preview panel [#7097]
  • Add XML Export option to GUI [#8524]
  • Increase entropy required for a "good" password rating to 75 [#8523]
  • Add shortcut to copy password with TOTP appended [#8443]
  • Show entry count in status bar [#8435]
  • Allow KeePassXC to be built without X11 [#8147]
  • Enable use of VivoKey Apex and Dangerous Things FlexSecure tokens [#8332]
  • Add setting for number of recent files [#8239]
  • Add Ctrl+Tab shortcut to cycle databases in unlock dialog [#8168]
  • Replace offensive words in eff_large.wordlist [#7968]
  • Auto-Type: PICKCHARS can specify attribute and ignore BEEP [#8118]
  • Linux: Add isHardwareKeySupported and refreshHardwareKeys to DBus methods [#8055]
  • Add config variable to specify default database file name [#8042]
  • Support numeric aware sorting on Windows and macOS [#8363]
  • CLI: Add db-edit command [#8400]
  • CLI: Add option to display all attributes with show command [#8256]
  • CLI: Show UUID and tags with show and clip commands [#8241]
  • Browser: Move socket into separate directory on Linux [#8030]
  • Browser: Add group setting to omit WWW subdomain when matching URLs [#7988]
  • FdoSecrets: Ask to unlock the database when creating items [#8022, #8028]
  • FdoSecrets: Skip entries in recycle bin when searching [#8021]

  • Fix potential deadlock in UI when saving [#8606]
  • Fix newlines when copying notes from preview panel [#8542]
  • Fix dark mode detection on Linux [#8477]
  • Fix crash when deleting items in recycle bin while searching [#8117]
  • Fix crash when trying to close database during unlock [#8144]
  • Fix tabbing around the interface [#8435, #8520]
  • Fix OPVault import when there are multiple OTP fields [#8436]
  • Fix various Windows Hello bugs [#8354]
  • Fix use of Apple Watch for Quick Unlock [#8311]
  • Better handling of "Lock on Minimize" setting [#8202]
  • Check for write permission before entering portable mode [#8447]
  • Correct regex escape logic to prevent parse errors [#7778]
  • Normalize slashes and file case for last used databases [#7864, #7214]
  • Link ykcore against pthread [#7807]
  • Auto-Type: Fix menu entries in selection dialog on Windows [#7987]
  • Auto-Type: Fix use of modifiers under macOS [#8111]
  • CLI: Fix output when using clip with the -t flag [#8271]
  • Browser: Use asynchronous access confirm dialog [#8273]
  • Browser: Always send database locked/unlocked status [#8114]


Download links on


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Aug 17, 2014
Today, we are releasing KeePassXC 2.7.3, the third maintenance update for the 2.7 stable series.

This release introduces saved searches, enhanced tags support, improvements to the entry preview panel, a db-edit command to the CLI, and corrects numerous bugs and crashes. We have also made several quality of life improvements to the program such as tabbing around the interface and preventing focus locks. This update also provides better handling of dark/light mode detection on macOS and Linux.

Saved Searches and Enhanced Tags


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Aug 17, 2014

KeePassXC Release 2.7.4​


  • Add 2 months expiration preset [#8687]
  • CLI: Add Unicode support on Windows [#8618]


  • Fix crash on macOS when unlocking database [#8676]
  • Fix display of passwords in preview panel [#8633]
  • Fix clicking links in entry preview panel [#8644]
  • Prevent expired entries search if no results returned [#8643]
  • Browser: Revert code causing connection problems [#8665]
  • Browser: Fix socket file symbolic link on Linux [#8656]
  • Flatpak: Fix launching browser proxy service [#8680]
  • SSH Agent: Fix paegent support on Windows [#8619]



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Aug 17, 2014

KeePassXC Release 2.7.5​


  • Add menu option to allow screenshots [#8841]
  • Add support for Botan 3 [#9388]
  • Increase max TOTP step to 24 hours [#9149]
  • Improve HTML export layout [#8987]
  • Turn search reset off by default [#9153]
  • Use QClipboard::clear() instead of setting blank text [#9148]
  • Hide group column header choice when not in search [#9171]
  • Improve look of KeePassXC logo and icons [#9355]
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for app and database settings [#9007]
  • Hide rename button from attachments preview panel [#8842]
  • Linux: Set SingleMainWindow in .desktop file [#7430]


  • Fix crash when search clears while creating new entry [#9230]
  • Fix crash when using Windows Hello in a Remote Desktop session [#9006]
  • Fix crash in Group Edit after enabling Browser Integration [#8778]
  • Fix canceling quick unlock when it is unavailable [#9034]
  • Set password input field font correctly [#8732]
  • Greatly improve performance when rendering entry view [#9398]
  • Fix various accessibility issues [#9138]
  • Fix arrows size when expand/collapse a group [#9096]
  • Select the clone instead of the original after cloning an entry [#9070]
  • Fix bugs with preview widget [#9170]
  • Fix status bar update when switching to other DB [#9073]
  • Fix database settings spin box bug [#9101]
  • Fix Ctrl+Tab shortcut to cycle databases in unlock dialog [#8839]
  • Fix TOTP QR code maintaining square ratio [#9027]
  • Fix Auto-Type configuration page on custom sequence selection [#8752]
  • Fix unexpected behavior of --lock when KeePassXC is not running [#8889]
  • Make open folder icon exempt from "Apply group icon to entry" [#9205]
  • Allow setting default file open directory with env var [#9192]
  • SSH Agent: Fix support for AES-256/GCM openssh keys [#8968]
  • Browser: Fix Native Messaging script path with BSD OS's [#8835]
  • MacOS: Fix text selection for Auto-Type clear field [#9066]
  • MacOS: Don't rely on AppleInterfaceStyle for theme switching [#8615]
  • Windows: Remove registry detection of desktop shortcut [#9380]

Today, we are releasing KeePassXC 2.7.5 with a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements. This version fixes three separate crashes that were found with the support of our active community members. Additionally, we fixed several areas in the code that were causing significant slow downs when databases had more than a thousand entries.

This release brings several popular feature requests including a menu option to temporarily allow screen capture (Windows & macOS), an improved layout to the HTML export, improved KeePassXC logos and icons, and increasing the max TOTP step to 24 hours.

Temporarily allow screen capture
Temporarily allow screen capture​

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