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Now I install :
- Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 ( Rial time Antivirus & Firewall )
- HitmanePro Alert (Rial time) - Anti exploit, zero-day, and 2ed opinion scanner.
- Zemana A Logger (Rial time) - Anti-logger and 2ed opinion scanner.
- Voodoosheild (premium) - Anti exe

I did all exclusive every one from each one, correctly.

I need your opinion, am I right or I do a mistaken (Protection OR Laptop Hardware) ?
Regardless of performance.
Widows 10 - 64 bit
Possessor: Core i5 - 7th Gen - Up to 2.7 GHz / 6 GB Ram

My current CPU is about 5% & Ram 30% to 35%



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I have tried something similar,

I have HitmanPro Alert on realtime along with VoodooShield, ZAL or ZAM on demand (disable real time protection), and Main AV on realtime.

It would work together, I read that KIS has it own protection module, HMPA and ZAL are gonna be troublesome unless you really disable their realtime protection.


Well I just tried out the newest beta of Avast, and it's rockin the house. The previous version slowed me down. This one faster than any other security suite that I've tried so far on my PC.
KIS and HMP.Alert together is very good protection. You don't need to install more security software.

KIS and HMP.Alert have you very much protected. You are safe with those 2 apps.

Not sure why you need VoodooSheild with that setup. I can't see anything slipping past KIS and HMP.Alert.

You really don't need Zemana with that setup. They offer nothing new. They fail every malware hub test.


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In my experience, zemana will slow down the system in that config.
zemana will be useful mainly to stop the PUPs that kaspersky let through. But voodoo should catch them anyway.
In my opinion, it is not worth it, because of the hit to performance.


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I currently have hitmanpro.alert and am considering switching to Kaspersky from my current AV just due to the very impressive results it consistently receives from malware hub and some personal tests. Not to mention it's always a top performer in independent tests.