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I have some new question about it

1. Which scan types have the free Edition

2. Any Infos for an submit button for samples available

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Ahmad Faiz Mukhlis

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Kompas 3.2.0

New :

- Support for Windows 10.
- Automatic notification at the beginning if the file system is infected with a virus or corrupt.
- Support scan files with size up to 100 MB.
- Improved scan executable files with Zero Entry Point.
- Addition of notifications scan on removable media.
- Bug fixes in Quarantine and Exception when reading Unicode characters.
- Fixed minor bugs.

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Hi all

Kompas Antivirus can perform four different types of scans: the 'Smart Scan' quickly goes through the most relevant files on your computer and checks them to make sure they are not infected. The 'Full Scan' performs a more thorough analysis of every item on your PC, looking closely at each one in order to ensure none is compromised.

The 'Removable Scan' allows you to analyze any portable storage device before you access the files it contains, warning you if anything suspicious is found. Last, but not least, the 'Custom Scan' enables you to select a particular folder or file on your computer in order to verify if it is clean.

In addition, Kompas Antivirus offers a 'Link Scanner feature' that enables you to enter a website URL and check whether it is legitimate, before accessing it. Moreover, the application enables you to select a directory or file on your PC and add it to an exception list, so it can be ignored during a computer scan.

Kompas Antivirus is a tool that offers basic protection against the most common types of threats, thus ensuring your computer's safety. Provided that your Internet and file transfer activities are not that intense, Kompas Antivirus should meet your requirements.

Kompas Antivirus is a simple and easy to use software utility designed to function as a computer protection solution against any and all virtual threats from the Internet or even removable storage devices.

This antivirus solution provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it quite easy to turn on or off, for such situations when it is preventing the normal running of other applications on your PC.

Kompas Antivirus is meant to detect a wide variety of RATs, keylogger applications, stealer, crypter and binder tools, but also spyware or worms, thus offering a comprehensive level of protection and a number of precautionary measures.

New in Kompas Antivirus 3.3.0::
  • Added Explorer shell extension for x64.
  • Added log file creation for scanning with command line.
  • Fixed scaling issue.
Homepage :Kompas Antivirus
Download : Kompas Antivirus Download