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Hi, everyone!

When @Malware1 told me Kompas was his favourite AV because its light and they add all samples you send to them, I immediately got interested. Now I'm using it, and I must say I totally agree with Malware1!

I sent them a sample, and it was added promptly. The AV is indeed light, very good.

I really like the interface too. I love simple, uncluttered interfaces, they make me happy. If there is one feature I like seeing in an antivirus, that is the ability to send files and get timely and precise responses. So many AVs out there upload tons of information without your consent, yet give you no easy option to send files; and it's not unusual to receive slow, low-quality, automated responses. Kompas gives you a link to a webpage where you can upload your files. I would prefer if the submission were via the program itself; but this website opens quickly, you don't have to zip your file or fill out any forms, and the size limit is generous, so really no complaints on this side.

Now, on to the problems, and to the suggestions I have. The tray notifications can be annoying, and they can't be turned off. Game Mode does not stop them. So they should come with an option to be turned off, preferably in separate manner where you can select which actions should generate notifications.

Another problem is that the tray notifications appear to be stealing focus from other applications. I haven't seen this happen yet, but I've seen a user complain about this happening since I installed Kompas. I will try to replicate this and confirm it if I can. Anyway, non-critical notifications should not be stealing focus.

2014-12-04 21_48_48-Kompas Antivirus 3.0.8.png

Some files get quarantined by default, some don't. All files should definitely be quarantined by default, and there should be an option to configure this.

2014-12-04 21_52_42-Kompas Antivirus 3.0.8.png

You have to right-click the list to get the Select All option. It would be nice if this option came in a button. Another button (which would be a new function) that could be useful, but not a priority by any means, is a Filter.

That's it. Congratulations @avkom for making such a nice antivirus. Rock on!
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