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Good afternoon my MalwareTips friends

My question

Which in your humble opinion is the best to use on multiple devices?
I know that KSOS is aimed at small businesses and the like, however, it seems to me that it is better for managing the various devices connected to the account. Not to mention that it seems to me that it is updated more quickly (The 2021 version is now available even in pt-BR).
KSC and KTS are basically the same, with KTS enabling the use of Safe KIds with the same license.
However, the KSC has information leakage control. At the same time that I find the android application unnecessary (You ended up having to enter each APP separately to change the settings).


Level 7
So Kaspersky randomly popped up this window on my PC for no reason. I was just browsing the web when suddenly this Kaspersky window appeared on the screen. Is what they're saying here even true?