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Great news...it's a step higher (y) The second would be if we could run/open every file we want/need :)
Yes maybe have a right click in context menu to scan or open file in sandbox!

LMT Anti Logger 4.6 released
  • Added Sandbox. Now you can run the process in Sandbox when it is detected as malicious or untrusted.
  • Updated the notification window.
Homepage: LMT Anti Logger - A software helps protect you from malware

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Curious, any plans to maybe make the firewall part of the program a standalone product?


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In case anyone is interested I saw this review of LMT Anti Logger on Softpedia -

" Meant to be used as a second layer of defense, this app helps you prevent spyware from stealing data and information on your computer
What's new in LMT Anti Logger 4.6.1:

  • Fixed a bug in the Anti Keylogger feature that caused an application crash
Read the full changelog
LMT Anti Logger is meant to help you stay protected against various types of malware, such as viruses, trojans or keyloggers.
Prevent keyloggers

The application prevents keyloggers from capturing data on your clipboard, webcam, or screen. The main window comes with several boxes you can check according to your preferences: More specifically, you can activate the elements you need: registry guard, protection for browser passwords, anti-screen logger, anti clipboard logger, and anti keylogger.
A bonus is the possibility to disable the webcam, thus preventing third-party users from accessing your stream. LMT Anti Logger also comes with an integrated browser for secure shopping, where online transactions are safer than regular browsers.
Process scanner

A nifty function is its scanner as it analyzes all running processes and detects the ones that behave suspiciously. This way, you can quickly identify keyloggers or malicious processes.
Nonetheless, the app only identifies said threads, it is not its purpose to remove them, so it should only be used as a second line of defense on your PC, together with a fully fledged antivirus software.
Built-in password manager

Another handy feature of LMT Anti Logger is its integrated password manager. You need to set up a database, assign it a name and protect it with a password of your choosing.
Next, you can store all your credentials within the newly created database, including the usernames, passwords, login URLs, and a brief description. On the downside, the app does not help you improve the strength of your passwords, as it does not come packed with a password generator.

All in all, LMT Anti Logger can improve the security of your computer while keeping keyloggers away from your clipboard, passwords or online transactions."

I should note that I'm posting this completely independently and that I have not been given a free copy of this freeware to help promote it!


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From LMT Anti Logger
LMT Anti Logger 4.6.3 released
  • Added YARA Rules Editor. Now you can edit YARA rules from the GUI.
  • The app now will show details about the YARA rule when a matching process is detected.
  • Now you can run a suspicious application in Sandbox when detected by Heuristic or YARA rule.

Homepage: LMT Anti Logger - A software helps protect you from malware