Looking for a Free Antivirus and Firewall with Advanced options?


Level 34
Mar 16, 2019
Hi which is better simplewall or windows 10 firewall control(Sphinx)?Thks
Both are great and does the job but different in a sense that WFC is tied to Windows Firewall and it creates rules there. It has many advanced features and gives you full control. But SimpleWall is based on Windows Filtering Platform and it requires you to disable Windows Firewall to make sure it's working properly. I prefer SimpleWall because it's a tiny app (Less than a mb) but has all the features I want and also can be used as a portable app which I do. Both have the feature of notifying you when any app outside your rules tries to access internet.
There's also TinyWall which lacks the notification function so I don't use it but the developer is active here on MT and Wilders and soon the current beta version will become stable with new features.