Level 25
Soverin is private and gives you a custom domain and email address for the price of what other email providers are charging just for regular service.

ProtonMail if you just want a free and secure email. I bought my custom domain for cheap and signed up at an email service that is private and cheap.


Level 1
These are good email providers:
- ProtonMail (Switzerland)
- Tutanota (Germany)
- Posteo (Germany)
- (Germany)
- Mailfence (Germany)
- Fastmail (Australia)

From those ProtonMail, Tutanota and Fastmail are the only ones having a dedicated mobile app (Hushmail has an app as well, but only on iOS and is available in some countries only). Fastmail is less reliable privacy wise because of the new anti encryption law over there.


Level 22
Also Tutanota now. Moving away from gmail in chunks and pieces. I'd like to think the below are 100% true. (y)


Isn't the little Adguard pumpkin on my Tutanota email homepage CUTE?

tut adguard.PNG


Level 22
I should have done this in prior post instead of being cutesy. I Snipped both email pages to show Adguard's number of blocked domains. Adguard is the little orange icon, Norton Safe Web is the other one. Norton's not even lit up on the Tutanota page.

gmail adguard.PNG

tut adguard.PNG

Very nice, Tutanota.


Level 8
Tutanota is probably the best truly secure email provider, it claims the crown over ProtonMail because of the following things:

  1. It's open source and audited, we've been waiting years for ProtonMail to do this.
  2. It's over 8 years old, while ProtonMail is 5 years old they've still had more of a time test.
  3. They made a calendar in 2 months, Proton said they would make one over 2 years ago now.
  4. It's cheap, like REALLY cheap (€12/year starting).
  5. You get 1GB free storage but their compression makes emails 5 to 10 times smaller, so "virtually" 10GB.
  6. They have their own clients on virtually every OS which just work.

ProtonMail like to say it's great being in Switzerland "out of EU jurisdiction" yet they're supported by the Horizon 2020 Framework Program of the EU, and their prices are just insane...

This is coming from a former Proton customer, I paid €120 for a yearly sub of mail + VPN.