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How about Cylance by using brand-new concept EP technology not just use pattern matching also use heuristic detection.


If you don't want the CIA snooping into your set up then it's not advisable to use the CIA-funded Cylance

Cylance (CIA funded) proving to be voodoo and nothing more? - Security | DSLReports Forums
The CIA is not using Cylance to spy on end-users.

The CIA gives away money for a wide range of activities from research grants to undergraduate scholarships.

If a first-year college student receives a CIA scholarship, then they are automatically going to spy on their classmates ?

There is a venture captial branch of the CIA named In-Q-Tel. It funds firms such as Cylance. The CIA is after technologies that fit somewhere under the broad umbrella of "intelligence." For example, Google Earth arose from In-Q-Tel funded technology. I would bet very heavily that the CIA's main interest in Cylance is their mathematical modeling.
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