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Mac threats growing faster than their Windows counterparts for the first time ever, with nearly twice as many Mac threats detected per endpoint as Windows threats, according to Malwarebytes.


Trojan-turned-botnets Emotet and TrickBot made a return in 2019 to target organizations alongside new ransomware families, such as Ryuk, Sodinokibi and Phobos.

In addition, a wave of new hack tools and registry key disablers made a splashy debut, reflecting greater sophistication used by today’s business-focused attackers.

Threat actors are becoming more creative
Adware was particularly problematic for consumers and businesses on Windows, Mac and Android devices, deploying aggressive techniques for serving up advertisements, hijacking browsers, redirecting web traffic and proving extremely difficult to uninstall.

“A rise in pre-installed malware, adware and multi-vector attacks signals that threat actors are becoming more creative and increasingly persistent with their campaigns,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes.

“It is imperative that, as an industry, we continue to raise the bar in defending against these sophisticated attacks, actively protecting both users and businesses by flagging and blocking all programs that may violate their privacy, infect their devices, or even turn the infrastructure they depend on against them.


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Mac users have a history of being indifferent to security because they were excluded from attacks due to their low share. Due to low demand, there were only a few security software programs, most of which were paid.

I think the increase in threats probably has affected that old perception.

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I have been saying Macs didn't have malware because they were not popular enough for years. Now that their market share is growing the malware is starting to show up. No system is completely safe. If Linux ever becomes popular it will be a target as well.
Linux was targeted since long time, but it is not popular enough to be advertised by click-baiter online news.