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I just find this in the forum of Bitdefender free version. does any one know any thing about this? thanks
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I don't know for sure but that might be related to "Bitdefender Theta"
We welcome the Bitdefender Theta scanner to VirusTotal. This engine is 100% Machine Learning powered and reinforces the participation of Bitdefender that already had a multi-platform scanner in our service. In the words of the company:

“When it comes to pushing things forward in the fight against cyber-crime Bitdefender Theta checks all the boxes. This new technology stack makes use of deep neural networks to provide industry leading detection rates in the fight against ever changing cyber-attacks. Bitdefender Theta is 100% Machine Learning powered and built on top of Bitdefender's state of the art dynamic behavioral analysis and cloud services is used to identify and block threats without the need for daily signature updates.”