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Jul 27, 2015
I hope this message finds you happy and healthy in this new year. I’m writing today to let the Macrium community know that as of January 1st, 2023, Macrium Software business product prices have increased. This increase does not apply to Reflect 8 Home.

In the interest of being as transparent as possible, this price increase has been a long time coming. Macrium last raised prices in 2017. Despite the release of Macrium Reflect 8 and Site Manager 8, we opted to freeze price increases during the pandemic. We briefly considered steadily creeping the price up over the next few months, but that idea simply didn’t sit well with our approach to doing business. However, we’ve reached a point where we can no longer delay this increase. Over the last year, we’ve been working and planning hard behind the scenes and with the beginning of 2023, we’re officially entering an exciting and ambitious growth phase. With new products and markets on the horizon, it’s imperative that we’re able to continue serving our customers to the high standards we demand of ourselves.

I understand that the price of everything is going up right now and the cost of living and doing business has become unpredictable. It’s our hope that an upfront increase today will give you the confidence you’re looking for tomorrow and through the year. Please reach out to a member of our team if you have any questions going forward.

Many thanks,

Nick Sills


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Feb 8, 2016
Macrium >>> than any other backup software.
If I had to replace it I would do it with Veeam
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Feb 26, 2021
Reflect was already more expensive to begin with, compared to a lot of its competitors. While this increase might not affect home users, Macrium's willingness to raise the price of an already expensive product does not bode well for home users as a whole. It seems Macrium is slowly but surely switching its focus more and more to businesses and less so on home products, since that's where they see the money being. Oh well, there's still terabytes IFW/IFL. That's much cheaper anyway and just as effective.


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Aug 10, 2013
Macrium's black friday sales and other sales make it an ok price if you can wait. I hope the won't totally abandon the home users (with the price).
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Mali HG

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Feb 16, 2020
I use O&O Disk Image 18. It seems to work perfectly. The only odd issue was in testing a restore, there was a message of Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored (Amd 6700XT driver)
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