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Hi I'm new here and have a basic question to start off with.
I've been running malware in isolation in a virtual machines for some time now and would like to expand my horizons by connecting the virtual machine to known live malicious websites, to analysis activity.
My question is does anyone have any recommendations on how to go about this safely, considering in my case, the VM would be connecting to the web through a standard home router. That router could have other items connected to it like phones, and probably other PCs in the house.
I know some home routers have been infected in the past by botnets, VPNfilter etc. Is it just too risky considering I may end up with something that could infect the router and/or move on to other hardware that's connected????
How do other people go about this sort of analysis safely?


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i think first what you do be careful don't get a IP address on the same subnet as your host by using Virtual Box or VM,
try to isolate the lab as you can do not try any connection with it. close port SMB 445 and update VBox every day.

and you are wlcm bro .