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May 17, 2018
Windows 7
I'm new to malwaretips although I've read a few threads with twinheadedeagle and hoped it possible to request him/her. I've been having an issue with malware eating up almost 80% of my CPU and 6gb of RAM. I've tried everything from rkill, rkill unsigned, tdsskiller, zemana, mbam, rogue killer all of the sorts, I'm not receiving an error message, I will click on any antivirus software, by the way I "run as administrator" for all programs by default and I've booted into safe mode also recovery mode to restore to an earlier point ran across an error and it lost the restore point. I have no other options in that regard. Have not run Farbar. anyhow, when I run an antivirus program it will show a scrolling circle as if it were loading but then after a second it will just stop and fail to boot the program, all other programs, music software, media, etc. Run without a hitch. There's no redirecting I'm aware of but I've tried canceling two programs which I assume are affiliated, and they seem to be the cause of the monstrous CPU usage. Reinstalling windows is NOT an option.