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Today on my windows 10 computer was a message that I had a Trojan. Long message with an 855 number to call. when I clicked the X the page disappeared then the cursor arrow was moving all over on its own. I have been running MBAM for nearly two years. When I went to check on it, it said it needed an update which I licked on. Then it disappeared. When I went to the apps list and opened the MBAM folder there were only three shortcuts shown, but no program. Any thoughts?


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Maybe it uninstalled the old version before installing the update/new one and then something went wrong or you have really something that uninsinstalled it.
I would download and install zemana antimalware at www.zemana.com.
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let us know Zemana results

then you can try hitmanpro


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Malwarebytes does have the ability to enable self protection early in the boot process (this is not enabled by default).


Without this, malware could definitely disable Malwarebytes as it would only have protection while fully booted. The technology in question is Chameleon - Chameleon - Free Malware Removal Tool. If I'm not mistaken, this can be run standalone (it comes in a zip file) in order to get Malwarebytes reenable on an infected system, or simply to install it if not already done.

Keep in mind (my own experience), having early boot protection enable has cause blue screens (BSOD). I'd imagine this had to do with another product that tries to do the same and could be why it is by default not enabled.
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Does it not have Tamper protection?
The problem wasn't nessiceryily having to do with an infection. I had this multiple times and even with multiple checks of not being infected from the malwarebytes team. It happens to some users and doesnt to others. It also does Chameleon which prevents the program from being shutdown from malware. :)
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The viruses just don't like MBAM. That's how it will be now: virus enters the system, deletes the anti-virus, and assumes control over the whole PC!


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Ouch. It's terrifying to think of how easily a system can be compromised with even the slightest of user interaction.