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For the last four years, ransomware has evolved into one of the biggest threats to cyber security that I’ve seen in a long time. Names like CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and CTBLocker keep average computer users and IT security Jedis alike up at night. For good reason: Ransomware is cunning, effective, and proliferating, and the cyber security industry hasn’t really had an answer for it.

But we’ve got one now.

Ransomware is easy to understand but hard to beat. It infects the machine, encrypts all files and then demands payment to get the files back. Ransomware works so well that most variants will even remove themselves when the damage is done, knowing you have the choice of either paying the ransomware author to get your files back, or risk losing them forever.

The ransomware we see today is so sophisticated that the advanced encryption it uses makes it impossible to get your files back without paying the ransom. Even using backup systems isn’t an effective countermeasure because ransomware would actively look for different types of backup systems and encrypt them, too.

Most of today’s security software simply cannot protect you from ransomware. Ransomware does not act like traditional malware: some are automatically updated every day, and even use polymorphic (shapeshifting!) code to evade detection. This makes it exceedingly hard to detect.

This is the type of challenge we love. When ransomware hit the headlines, we immediately started looking for a long-term answer.

Our answer started with a company named EasySync Solutions, owned by Nathan Scott, which created an application called CryptoMonitor.

CryptoMonitor was doing an excellent job of stopping ransomware at that time, but having a few ideas of our own, we acquired EasySync Solutions and hired Nathan to come work on stopping ransomware for us. Nathan has been leading the anti-ransomware technology development at Malwarebytes for the last few months.

Now I’m stoked to announce that after months of late nights and a few hundred gallons of Red Bull, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is ready for beta testing.
Introducing the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta

As mentioned in the blog announcement by Marcin this beta is extremely exciting as it introduces the most innovative approach in the market today for protecting against ransomware; a completely proactive and signature-less technology that is able to detect and block even the most dangerous of ransomware variants like CryptoWall4, CryptoLocker, Tesla, and CTB-Locker.

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware monitors all activity in the computer and identifies actions which are typical of ransomware activity. It keeps track of all activity and, once it has enough evidence to determine a certain process or thread to be ransomware, blocks the infection and quarantines the ransomware before it has a chance to encrypt users' files. During development Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware has blocked every single ransomware variant we have thrown at it. We are extremely satisfied with its results and are excited to bring this technology to our user community for further testing.

As this is the very first beta we do encourage beta users to install the product in non-production environments for testing purposes. Installation is very straight forward. Simply download and install from the link below. You can safely install Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta alongside Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.
Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware - Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta - Malwarebytes Forum

Download Link:

Good prevention tool for the common users :)

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Great tool for the average user, however I feel that this might be overburdening for more advanced users.
Generally, I am inclined to believe it's not worth having dedicated tools that are specialized against a specific type of threat.
indeed, it is why highlighted the fact that is a good tool for average users. Advanced users have already lot of tools to counter Ransomwares.


Very Good news for Malwarebytes


2 Processes in memory

Both processes eat 41.5 Mt ram
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Installed for testing, but for now past this:

Pass to excluxiones ekrn.exe, good I will keep trying.

Hello from new pony problem be found, processor consumption high:

E had to restore the system, failure of ESET is not active and not be uninstall, it shows that it is BETA, friends care com this program.

I hope final version.
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