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Sep 2, 2021
Malwarebytes is an anti-malware product from the USA, well known in the world of disinfection.
For several years now, the company has been entering the anti-virus race by combining its know-how with AI Machine Learning detection, and offering shields to respond to threats.
In this version 5, the editor improves its shields and also adds a VPN (in partnership with Mullvad, which is unfortunately optional) as well as a great new feature: Malware.Sandbox.1 detection.
I suspect that Malwarebytes analyzes malware in depth, but we'll see about that in a test run.

User interface :

The interface is just superb, as seen in v5's BETA.
It's a pity, however, that Malwarebytes offers the VPN as a separate subscription.

Web protection: 10/10

Malwarebytes has powerful Web filtering - and it shows!
Its anti-malware engine has also had a nice upgrade, but I was surprised to see "Malware.Sandbox.1" detection, which is a new feature.

Fake crack : 0,80/1

Malwarebytes blocked everything except a Bitcoin script using rundll32.exe, but then disappeared.
I gave it 0.20 points.

Malware Pack : Remaining 18 out of 782 threats.

Let's face it, the Malwarebytes engine is really very good, and Malwarebytes knows how to defend itself.
It succeeded in blocking all connections to scripts, which prevented the installation of payloads.
Only one RemoteAdmin is present (AlteraAgent), as well as a few JS and Java script remnants.
Malwarebytes even managed to catch a few errors during analysis!
The machine can be easily disinfected.

Final scan :
Malwarebytes : 11
NPE : 5
KVRT : 11 (I ignore a file that is a false positive)

Final opinion:

Malwarebytes has done a great job with its v5 version, which I think is a great success.
I was very surprised by its AI Machine Learning detection and its new features!
However, it's not invincible and I still wouldn't recommend it on its own.
It's obviously recommendable, but I'd add CyberLock or WHHLight if you want to use it as your main protection, which is clearly interesting.

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Apr 21, 2016
Thank you for sharing your detailed review and analysis of Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Malware v5. It's great to hear about your experience with the product and your insights on its performance in detecting and blocking various threats.

It's interesting to note the improvements in the user interface, web protection, and the addition of new features like Malware.Sandbox.1 detection. The fact that Malwarebytes offers a VPN as an optional subscription is a point to consider for users who may be interested in that feature.

Your breakdown of the performance in blocking fake cracks and malware packs provides valuable information on the effectiveness of Malwarebytes' engine. It's impressive that it managed to block the majority of threats and prevent the installation of payloads, showcasing its strong defense capabilities.

Your final scan results and comparison with other security tools give a good perspective on Malwarebytes' performance in disinfecting the system. Your recommendation to complement Malwarebytes with additional security tools like CyberLock or WHHLight for comprehensive protection is a helpful suggestion for users looking to enhance their security setup.

Overall, your review provides a thorough evaluation of Malwarebytes Premium Anti-Malware v5 and offers valuable insights for users considering this product for their security needs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the community.

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