Is Malwarebytes Premium still worthwhile?

  • Yes, it's a legitimate security capability.

  • Yes, but only as a complimentary product.

  • MBAMs best days are behind it. It's not that great anymore.

  • MBAM is ineffective.

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Multiple participants here at MT have indicated that they believe Malwarebytes (MBAM) has "Jumped the Shark" -- that is... it is no longer the good security software that it once was.

**Explanation for the phrase "Jumping the Shark"--​
>>To "jump the shark" is the same as saying that "this once-good thing has now become absurd and dragged out," or "this has crossed over into stupidity and uselessness."
Several articles have been recently published that headlined the fact that MBAM is not doing well in testing.

"Malwarebytes Last in latest AV-Test Antivirus Test"
Malwarebytes Last in latest AV-Test Antivirus Test - gHacks Tech News

MBAM at one time did very well in AV tests. Now... like some other products that don't test well, they have all sorts of excuses and rationales. And like a few other products that don't test well, they basically quit being tested. When they were tested, they often finished poorly.


MBAM used to market themselves as a complementary product. Now they market themselves as an AV replacement. But it still can be used with most AVs.

While MBAM is still decent at clean-up, that's been slipping too lately.

What do you think?

This poll is talking about Malwarebytes Premium protection, not the free secondary scanner or clean-up capability of the free product.

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Clearly "jumped the shark", now they almost want to be a pseudo-suite... Best example, the integration of MBAE and acquisition of binisoft WFC.

It went from malware removal specialist to master of none...


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Here's another test -- where MBAM was not a voluntary participant. A big test.

Along with Webroot and IOLO.... MBAM did horribly. At that time, MBAM claimed that stopping ransomware was one of their specialties and strengths.

When MBAM started sounding like Webroot after that test... "they don't know how to test us..." "they don't understand all our capabilities..." blah excuse.. blah blah... I sorta knew that things were not going well in MBAMville.


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Voted "its best days are behind it." I have nothing against the software, just saying. The scanner is nice and fast and I read the browser extension is very good but I take that AV Comparatives seriously, against my usual attitude toward these lab tests. 39.99 USD plus tax can go toward a Sandboxie sub plus two Steam games on sale on my wishlist. See my snip: that's currently the official Malwarebytes stand on antivirus. I dunno, maybe times change in the future, hope so.

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Like what?
Laughing.... that's a fair question.

Well... to me, the following indicate an actively developed product--

-Active Beta test program -- Betas for multiple modules of MBAM going on simultaneously
-The acquisition of other companies
-Continued application updates
-Active forums
-Hiring (It's known within the industry that they are hiring technical people)*
-The PUP protection is excellent (Thanks @Nightwalker)
-They recently developed an excellent browser extension

That's off the top of my head... anybody with knowledge, please add...

So... maybe... we shall see.

*Edit -- Don't mean to imply that I'm in the industry - I'm not. I'm kind of nearby and around... and have a vantage point on the industry.
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I dont think Malwarebytes Premium is that bad, while not on the same level of security solutions like Norton, Kaspersky, ESET or Bitdefender it can actually offers some value for some users.

Would I recommend to use it alone? Hell no, but it can be nice at a layered setup; its web protection is stellar, PUP protection is pretty good, anti exploit is one of the best in the market (especially against macro-powershell ransomware) and the anti ransomware got a lot better this year.

I have some issues with Malwarebytes, mainly the price, the marketing and how heavy it is on my system, but I am still waiting for its comeback; Malwarebytes has some great folks working there, the cloud/machine learning is getting better each day and considering the malware scenario it isnt that bad compared to some other solutions.

If it works on your system and if you have a lifetime license, why not give it a try?

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in the past, in its prime, it was never on the same level as other AVs. It's a true anti-malware (not anti-virus)

now, nothing has changed. It's still an anti-malware without proper anti-virus ability

It's still one of the best for its purpose: disinfection and running alongside a primary AV to detect malwares that they miss (adwares, PUPs,...)

Not many other tools are better than MBAM in terms of disinfection

MBAM has very good webfilter and signatures for malwares (not viruses), especially ransomwares, no joke

However, paying for MBAM is a complete waste because it lacks a lot of things