User Feedback Malwarebytes Premium V4 - A personal Opinion

Malwarebytes Premium V4
4.00 star(s)
Installation Feedback
Fast, no hickups
No bundles
Interface (UI)
3.00 star(s)
Interface Feedback
Attractive with lots of colours
Can be hard to navigate for a new user.
2.00 star(s)
Usability Feedback
Many features, including exploit and ransomware protection, but all of these features are underwhelming
Performance and System Impact
2.00 star(s)
Performance and System Impact Feedback
For a add-on/second opinion scanner it uses a ton of resources, ~100 megabytes when idle, this is more than window defender
The whole computer slows to a crawl when scanning, even when its idle its noticable.
1.00 star(s)
Protection Feedback
Ransomware protection is slow and clunky, most ransomware has time to encrypt your files before being detected
Detection ratio of less than 40% is the lowest out of any security product.
Good, not great, web protection.
Real-time file system protection
1.00 star(s)
Internet Surf protection
3.00 star(s)
Proactive Intrusion protection
1.00 star(s)
  1. Easy to use
  2. Simple and non-intrusive
  3. Ransomware protection
  4. Works alongside other antivirus software
  5. Effective malware removal
  6. Well designed, clear interface
  7. Multiple layers of protection
  1. Advanced users may want more control
  2. Noticeable system impact
  3. Can be resource-hungry
  4. Antivirus capabilities are average at best
  5. Weak protection against zero-day threats
  6. Limited web protection
  7. Not as many features as some competitors
  8. Scans can be rather slow
  9. Can slow down your browsing speed
  10. Slows down browsing the Internet
  11. Opening, copying or saving a file is noticeably slower
  12. Significant impact while playing games
Software installed on computer
Less than 30 days
Computer specs
Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube

Intel Core i5-6400
geForce GTX 1070
C: drive
Manufacturer: SanDisk
Interface: SATA
Capacity: 119 GB

D: drive
Manufacturer: Seagate
Interface: SATA
Capacity: 931 GB
Recommended for
  1. All types of users
Overall Rating
1.00 star(s)
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Level 2
Feb 4, 2020
works very well, one of the few things i can credit MS with. Of course it is not invulnerable, but quite close if properly set. and if on top you have good security habits, being infected is almost null.

Indeed, the only case they would work is that you don't do anything on your computer and keep it in the same state before those tools are installed (which is out-of-scope of 99.9% of home users).

As long as people have the attitude that they should be able to do what they want on their systems, then security will be broken. And that won't change until the Earth falls into the Sun and man and digital devices are no more. Period.

People are always the source of their own problems.
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Level 6
Oct 10, 2014
i might contest a couple of your conclusions. i haven't noticed any drag on my internet while using it. nor do i notice any difference with opening programs. and i do occasionally remove it from the start-up and run my system without it, so i do have a metric for subjective comparison. these two can be system subjective (i have it on a 2nd generation i7 - so a slower system, but with expanded ram), but you also said: "Not as many features as some competitors". this doesn't really ring true to me. they have numerous modules for protection. a couple were legit companys that were purchased and integrated into their pro version. i think their anti-exploit is one of the best available. They put a lot of attention into rootkit detection, they have their dns and browser plugins. they bought a firewall, and i expect them to eventually be adding it to the pro version. and they have a ton of settings to play with, i mean, you can even unregister it from the window's security center if you want to run it with defender (who else offers that?).


Level 8
Oct 11, 2019
scans are not slow with malwarebytes im surprised to see people say this. It takes only 3 mins for a full scan of my system... what kind of systems are you all running L0L?????????
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Staff Member
Jan 8, 2011
scans are not slow with malwarebytes im surprised to see people say this. It takes only 3 mins for a full scan of my system... what kind of systems are you all running L0L?????????
Please factor in the CPU, Storage Type/Speed and Space Occupied, and Power Plan for portable devices.
[HDD 5400 RPM] with a [Power Saving Power Plan] VS [SSD] with [High Performance Power Plan] VS [SSD] with [Mains Power].