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@Elpibe, Compatibility may be the more accurate term than 'best' in your concerns. Although I've not graduated to the level of malware tester (yet) my impressions testing through personal use is that Windows Defender continues to be a significantly compatible option which may have more to do with it's light integrated performance than it's detection/protection results. :)
Yes, your right, now i found it, its more compatibility than detection... it said that all 3rd company antivirus were detected bugs (project Zero by Google) that can be exploited... i remembered the title but not the content of the news (sry for bad english)


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Nice results! A little disappointed that Avast didn't do a little better. :( Btw, were all the samples not detected by the AV SUDed? I feel like in the long run that would be a good idea..
Avast has very good cloud system, signatures are added fast, so in the real world it would achieve a much better result. And there is always a room for tweaks for strengthening the security.


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Impressive methodology, well if any issues occur then definitely goes on the AV itself.

Considering the fact where test conducted on a clean state system, pre-defined configuration and fully updated signatures.

Let the protection component do the rest and where results are actually unique and consistent.


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thnx for your good work @BoraMurdar
But these results are not acceptable:p... we can't compare Kaspersky Total Security and Bitdefender free in one graphical chart
I think it's not fair!:eek:
there is Ransomware Protection in Bitdefender paid versions but it's not available in free version
Bitdefender free tested vs ransomware's and after that, we got this->(24771) but at the same time, those ransomware's tested vs Kaspersky total security.
I believe if they test BitDefender paid version vs same malware's results will change
I'm not Bitdefender user
apologize for my eng mistakes: -)
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What was the basis for comparing free vs paid versions of antivirus in a single chart? Especially when the paid versions of the free counterparts were available, eg. BitDefender Free vs Kaspersky.

Also there were only limited products tested?
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