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Thank you once again for the opportunity to participate. Such an excellent product, sandboxing/virtualization and HIPS in a lightweight package with knockout performance. Congratulations to the winners.

I'm in a bit of a conundrum, though, since I stated this when entering the giveaway -

NathanF1 said:
It seems I give speeches all the time. Apparently, what I can't do is shut up.

To answer your question - I'll shut up.
Do I keep true on my promise? :s


Well done to all of the winners listed within Jack's post! Let us hope you'll find the product listed features useful and will thoroughly enjoy the product.


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Jack said:
Here are our lucky 10 DefenseWall Giveaway winners:

  1. terene
  2. walang_sangit
  3. NathanF1
  4. GhostFree
  5. Stranger
  6. Umbra Corp.
  7. numpayak
  8. kuva
  9. arsenaloyal
  10. malbky

All those who won a license key, need to send me a Private Message with a Name and Email so that the SoftSphere developers will be able to create their license key.
I won!! :dance3:
Thank you and congratulations to the other winners :drinks:


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I won yeah. This product is great. Used it a year back but my license ran out. I had won this in softpedia promotion.


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Umbra Corp. said:
cout me in

i will create a corporation that will advise about security but in secret develops biological weapons and ugly creatures ^^
hi Dad :p lol

happy with my current set up but thanx :)
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