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Today we would like to announce a new theme for MalwareTips. The new theme is "MalwareTips XL" and it has overall the same style design as the default theme, but it's has a fluid layout.
A fluid layout is a layout that uses proportional values as a measuring unit for blocks of content, images, or any other item that is a part of the MalwareTips theme. This allows the web page to stretch and contract relative to the user’s screen size. This is different from fixed layouts where every aspect of the theme has a fixed width in pixels.


To use this MalwareTips XL theme, you can use any of these options:

1. Use the link the footer. In the footer of the default theme, you will see a "MalwareTips Style" link. Click on this link to bring up the Style Chooser. Or use this link: http://malwaretips.com/misc/style

When the Style Choose will pop-up, select the theme that you will like to use. (MalwareTips XL, in this case).

Note: If you wish to revert to the default theme, a "MalwareTips XL" link will be in the footer of the MalwareTips XL theme.

2. You can also select the style that you want to see MalwareTips by using the Preferences menu, from your profile settings.
To do this, just hover over your username in the Navigation bar, and select Preferences.

In the "Browser Preferences" window, select the style that you would like to use.

That's it. The new theme comes with some new features that I'm sure you will notice, and we are still doing some little tweaks. : )

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Nice theme, but slows down when scrolling or opening for example Virus Exchange forum. :)


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I have discovered the "Spy" Tab near to "Alert" has disappeared in the new theme :( So switched to the default one......


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I didn't know there is an option to choose between different styles o_O
XL fluid theme looks great. Changed :D

Adhit Prakosho

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Love it :), I am waiting for the Up button and down javascript for easy scrolling ;)

sorry for my late feedback, I just found out now :)

It's just less clear between threads and Nick. it just my opinion or just my eyes are less clear :) but overall I like it very much :):):)
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I'd only known about the default setting ..until Now!!:D
How very cool, to be granted the ability to tweak our preference of views.:cool:
Thanks very much!:):) I'm taking the XL plunge Now!!;)

Update: I love the crisp way everything looks!:)

Update 2:

Hi Jack! I've now come around full circle, and am truly loving the convenience of how the down arrow scrolls all the way to the;) bottom, and the up arrow sends us all the way back to the:rolleyes: top immediately!! What a great feature.:)
I've changed my vote from XL to Dark, and wish to second NSG001's request for an XL that's also Dark which would be very cool!!:cool:
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