Problem Marcrium 7.0?

Operating system
Windows 10 Home
OS type
64-bit OS
List of current issues
Number of image files
Steps taken, but unsuccessful?
Not sure what or if I need to do anything.
Jan 31, 2018
In the past before upgrading to 7.0 My backup would contain like 15 image files, then the one I did in Feb there were 35. I just did one today after all the latest Windows updates with version 7.0 and I only had 7 image files. Am wondering why because if anything I have more on my drive. IS version 7.0 compressing the image file more or is there something going wrong.
My old image files were all 4 gig and my new ones are still 4 gig and I have not changed any settings.
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Jan 31, 2018
Remember Macrium auto-delete old image files
It did not delete my old back. My full backup from 2-9-2018 has 25 mrimg file 4 gigs each except last one. My backup from 5-26-2018
only has 7 mrimg files all 4 gig except last one.

So This is why I asked if the newer version creates a smaller number of mrimg file by compressing them more. I think it is set for medium compression.
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