Security News Massive webshop fraud ring steals credit cards from 850,000 people


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Apr 24, 2016
A massive network of 75,000 fake online shops called 'BogusBazaar' tricked over 850,000 people in the US and Europe into making purchases, allowing the criminals to steal credit card information and attempt to process an estimated $50 million in fake orders.

Additionally, millions of stolen credit card details were resold on dark web marketplaces, allowing other threat actors to purchase them and perform unauthorized online purchases.

According to a report by the German cybersecurity firm Security Research Labs GmbH (SRLabs), the BogusBazaar network has attempted to process an estimated $50 million in fake purchases since the operation launched three years ago.

Most of the victims are concentrated in the United States and Western Europe. At the same time, there are virtually no victims from China, which is thought to be the operational base of the scam operation.

ForgottenSeer 109138

Verify and Validate, in this case would consist of looking for telltale signs that lead to the websites authenticity.

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
It's insane to put your credit card online,if I remember right I think it was Gandalf_The Grey who pointed me in the direction of using a virtual card(just way better to avoiding fraud as you set it for a one time purchase) PayPal also a good option,just expect fraud e-mails now and then

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