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Security company McAfee announced the acquisition of TunnelBear, a Toronto-based company best known for its VPN product TunnelBear, today.

We reviewed TunnelBear's VPN solution in 2015 for the first time when the company launched a Chrome extension that users could install to integrate the functionality into the Chrome browser.

The company expanded its offering in recent years and maintains apps for the desktop operating systems Windows and Mac OS, and the mobile operating systems iOS and Android next to its browser extension offerings.

TunnelBear launched a major update to its application in late 2016 which introduced Trusted Networks functionality among other things in the client. The feature gives users options to add networks to a trusted list to auto-connect to the VPN service if the device is not connected to a trusted network.

TunnelBear, the company, launched the password manager RememBear in November 2017.

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Just when i was starting to find their mobile app well designed and useful. Tunnelbear says:
"TunnelBear is proud to be the first and only VPN service in the world that has been independently audited by a 3rd party"
Well with McAfee acquiring it, that phrase is a joke now :sneaky: McAfee, seriously??Well done Tunnelbear, well done:X3:


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I never used this product but WAS considering it.. Not anymore.

McAfee, aka an 'Intel' company, aka NSA+Unit8200 firm means this product is dead. Just like how Intel swallowed up Passwordbox, renamed it 'TrueKey', killed off ALL lifetime license holders and backdoored the hell out of the product and created a useless tool nobody will ever use again.

McAfee is cancerous, and now so is Tunnelbear.


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Already knew McAfee had a VPN product but didn't know what would happen with it...
So.. They just swallowed it up to boost their own lame VPN?

McAfee needs to go out of business. The world would be a better place. They are struggling so badly now, even with their little bundled and forced installs with new systems, Java updates, whatever else they cook up. Now they've lost incredible amounts of penetration in the enterprise mark, they've close down their spam filtration service which is huge in the enterprise market.. What's left other than a bunch of crappy stuff and them spending money in a desperate effort to keep themselves relevant?

Please go away McAfee, take Intel and their Meltdown backdoor with you.


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What if - due to the high use, Tunnelbear was purchased by one of the NSA/CIA partner firms because Tunnelbear had become increasingly frustrating to them and has a tremendous 20,000,000+ user count? They do emphasize the 'hardened' network security of Tunnelbear, which I think hints at perhaps Tunnelbear was a bit of a nuisance for mass surveillance due to it's popularity with regular folk?

After all, NSA/CIA are well known to have gotten strategic partners to buy companies for them... In fact, I'd put some coin on this being at least a factor in all of this. :unsure:
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“TunnelBear has built an engaging and profitable direct-to-consumer brand, and we’re confident this acquisition will serve both our end users and partners by embedding its best-in-class, hardened network into our Safe Connect product,” said McAfee CEO Christopher Young"

Vomit.. You mean, you've become one of the most hated companies in the USA, and needed to buy this for 'direct to consumer' footprint you've never successfully established because you suck? Good to know.


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You can continue to use TunnelBear, without switching to Safe Connect. The audit report does not show the Medium and Low vulnerabilities. But how many other VPN services have been audited, it's your choice.

Already knew McAfee had a VPN product but didn't know what would happen with it...
McAfee said that it plans to integrate TunnelBear’s technologies into the company’s own VPN product, Safe Connect.

The TunnelBear team will also keep working on TunnelBear products under its own brand. According to the announcement, TunnelBear was a profitable company.
Source: McAfee acquires VPN company TunnelBear