is Mcafee Endpoint worth to try??

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Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
These days McAfee competes programs like Bitdefender, Kaspersky,norton
Strongly look at AV-Comparatives real World April 2018 McAfee is 100%
Recent tests
Mcafee is crapiest AV ever. They buy AV-C for that results and showcase to increase sales
The first AV to get hit by any ransomware is Mcafee. Read an article on which Macfee setup companies are worst hit by ransomware and data loss
INTEL is the cause behind it that ruined Mcafee completely . I dont know how good are they now'
I would never touch it. REAL PROTECT IS A JOKE


Level 2
I once was an admin for McAfee VSE/ENS in a large organization and I can say for sure that I would never ever use it voluntarily. Even ENS is primarily signature-based and if you need a higher level of protection you have to pay for it (TIE server). To be honest, I don´t understand why and how McAfee can achieve a 100% rating in several tests.
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