McAfee Internet Security 2015 or Bitdefender Antivirus Free

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  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free

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mcafee internet security or bitdefender free
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Bitdefender Internet Security is way better than McAfee IS.
McAfee is heavier and It was preinstalled by Dell on my system (Boooo, Dell:mad::p). Firewall provided by McAfee IS does not work in my lappie (W.8.1 x64). I've reinstalled it a lot of times and can't, even after contacting their so-claimed "Award-Winning Support", find a way to install the firewall properly. Nor I or even the three technicians from McAffee's support team managed to make it work properly.
I'm pretty happy now that I get rid of McAfee and installed Bitdefender Total Security instead. BTW, it's a difficult task, since the unninstaller of McAfee does a pretty good work in hidding leftover files... Even their McAfee Product Removal Tool [MPRT]is buggy, in my experience. It still left a couple of McAfee drivers:mad::mad: installed on my system that causes conflicts with bitdefender, even after running MPRT. I only managed to delete it completely after a lot of work.
Of course, this depoiment is based solely on my own experience with both products. McAfee can be the right choice for your needs. But be aware: It's good detecting fake/phishing urls but does a terrible job with file detection.

Bitdefender Internet Security, in the other hand, is easy to install [just two or three mouse clicks]. Initially, It behaves oddly in my two laptops, increasing boot time in ~1 min. But this can be fixed manually, just by tweaking some configurations. Boot speed is now faster than when I had McAfee installed on my sytem. Bitdefender Firewall works reasonably well, as well as their trafficlight (web filter). File scan is a lot faster than McAfee's, even at first scan. The strongest point of bitdefender is, in my oppinion, their file detection. But expect some false positives when using bitdefender, especially if Active Virus Control is set to "Aggressive".

Finally, Bitdefender offers free trial keys for all their paid products [you can get 3,6,9 or even 12 months of protection for free. If you're interested, please take a look at the swepstakes sub-forum here in Malwaretips]

In my experience, Bitdefender is lighter and provides a more reliable set of features than McAfee. But always remember that antivirus behave differently in different computers ;)

P.S.: Now I Use Bitdefender Total Security, that comes with a ton of extra functionalities than Bitdefender Internet Security. To maintain fair comparison, I am comparing only the existing features in Bitdefender Internet Security with those that exist in McAfee Internet Security


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BitDefender is not that good. You can use 360, Avira, AVG. Tencent PC Manager is very good.
I know. But at least it is good when compared with McAfee. This is what I kept in mind while writing the post ;)
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try AVIRA free or Pro, it's soo light and proactive, and has a great webshield, cloud protection and registry protection ;)

Kardo Kristal

From Crystal Security

McAfee misses a lot of adwares and hijackers... I already cleaned 2 or 3 coworker's computers (McAfee 2015 installed and updated).
I believe that BitDefender is better (detection, removal and freeware). Also it is recommended to use some on-demand scanners (e.g. HitmanPro, Zemana Anti-Malware) weekly (or at least monthly).

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