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Hey all ! Look at the av comparatives test, McAfee is good !

Why all people are saying that McAfee is not good ? I don't understand ! McAfee is good, I like the UI, it's simple, effective and it's not heavy on the system ! I like it !


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McAfee performs differently on each device, while McAfee may appear to be light on your PC, it may not be the case on someone elses. Also if you're using Windows 7 or 8, you have an advantage over someone with using the old Windows XP OS.

I have often said McAfee places their best interest for Business/Corporate software, and their Consumer software is just a side-sale. While that may not be the case anymore. A lot don't use McAfee because of the bad reviews, or bad experience -only from what I know.

Many bash Microsoft Security Essentials for being basic with lack of zero-day protection and low detection rate. But it does work well enough to protect one's PC, if the user knowingly understand some basic computer security.
This can very well apply to McAfee, and many other security software.

Also some users don't like the number of processes/background tasks running, and often it's compared with other AV's with 3 or less running tasks. So while it may not affect system performance, it's probably a personal preference.

Last thing I should mention, don't fully trust these AV comparison tests, because in the real world, they are extremely unrealistic for the majority of PC users.

Others may have a different view, but I hope this helps.


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Last time I tried McAfee (apart from testing) it was really slow on the system.


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A lot of user tend to judge McAfee from their previous experiences with it.
It has improve over the years and is not the piece of junk it used to be but still is lacking compared to many other solutions.

However since they don't offer any freeware product besides removal tools like Stinger, many users will avoid it since the price is costly and their support hasn't been that good in the past.

The main problem that has effected McAfee is high false positive rates detecting Windows components that rendered many systems non-operational. Many of my local businesses and government agencies switched to FortiClient because of the related false positive issues that has effected them in the last few years.

Enjoy!! :D
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