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AFAIK the Artemis Tecnology is usually resides on some edition of McAfee like endpoint versions, which why a possible reason LiveSafe manage to bypass threats.

However some people mentioned that Artemis component is active under of web protection component.
Really? If so, they shouldnt be like that in my opinion.. LiveSafe is paid version...
well... Im not really sure about this

They did indeed improved a lot. Altough, their user interface is not user friendly and way to 'heavy' UI.
Thanks for the video
Yes hopefully they revamp it in next version :)

Thanks guys :)
Have a great day everyone!


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It will be interesting to see what the future might bring for Intel Security (Mcafee) now with their recent partnership with TPG Captial. TPG owns 51% of Mcafee while Intel holds onto 49%.
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