Level 63
v 12th April 2014.

- fixed an issue related to folder selection when adding files to the whitelist;
- improved handling stability for write protected drives;
- improved display of tray notifications on high DPI configurations;
- updated Brasilian Portuguese language.

Koroke San

Level 28
Wut is interactive mode in MCSHield? Thnx
I want to automatic delayed MCShield service since it delaying my startup time but can't find it, can u help me?
Edit : i read manual & found my answer.
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ever since i saw you mention this is the best in usb protection i had it installed and replaced what i've been using for the last four years. so far it haven't caught anything but i know it;s protecting me silently in the background.

my question, is detection based of signature or by filename or both

+1 to McShield and TYVM for sharing it.
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Deleted member 178

can you whitelist some Linux files (mostly botloaders, etc...) , it is annoying to redo a Live USB after Mcshield removed some of them :D


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Yes, of course. You can do it yourself inside GUI, or attach reports for me to add it to general whitelist.