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Blog post: Firefox Now Available with Enhanced Tracking Protection by Default Plus Updates to Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Lockwise – The Mozilla Blog
As part of the Firefox Lockwise product suite, formerly known as Firefox Lockbox, the desktop extension will give you more control over your stored passwords with shared access from every device. With the new desktop extension, Firefox Lockwise will provide an additional touchpoint to store, edit and access your passwords. The extension provides an enhanced experience for your saved logins, which will allow you to more easily manage and interact with your stored passwords in Firefox. You will notice a seamless integrated experience in Firefox when you move from desktop to mobile, with a similar layout of key features for easy navigation and access, and easy access to your logins and passwords.
The new Firefox Lockwise desktop extension includes:
  • Manage your saved list of passwords – The new dashboard interface makes it simple to update and manage your saved list. If you’re no longer frequenting a site, you can easily delete your saved password. And for the sites you access frequently, you can quickly reference and edit what is being stored, thus giving you an easy way to take control of your online privacy.
  • Access your passwords anywhere – Whether you’re shopping for shoes on your desktop or purchasing them on-the-go from your favorite site, Firefox Lockwise has you covered. Both the mobile app and desktop extension can help you quickly retrieve your password to access your site account, no matter which device you’re on to take advantage of member discounts or free shipping.
Whether you are a loyal user or you are ready to take control of your passwords, try Firefox Lockwise, available on iOS, Android, and now a Firefox add-on for Desktop.


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This is very different though and uses proper, open source security. I'd still go with Bitwarden but Firefox Lockwise does implement proper security and encryption, not a single unencrypted byte leaves your device and they couldn't decrypt your passwords if they wanted too.
Thanks for your reply :) it is good to knew that.
I have a sticky password lifetime licence so propably i`ll still be using that :)
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