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Meet The Linux Desktop That Will Embarrass Windows 10 And macOS in 2020

If you haven’t been paying attention to a little Linux desktop distribution called Deepin, it’s time to put it on your radar. Nevermind that Huawei chose Deepin to ship on their MateBook laptop lineup. Nevermind that Deepin Cloud Sync is a killer, forward-thinking feature that every Linux distro needs to adopt. Nevermind that its slide-out control center resembles something sexy and sensible straight out of the future. But looking toward 2020, Deepin is poised to be absolutely stunning.

This is without question the most beautiful desktop environment I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve gone from admiring it as an elevated Desktop Linux distribution to downright salivating over it. Every time I revisit the OS, I’m reminded of not just how elegant it is, but that it also boasts that “wow factor” that makes using it feel exciting and not merely a daily necessity.

For me, the UX is more intuitive and more enjoyable than macOS and Windows 10. And fortunately, a quick setting can also transform Deepin to resemble the traditional Windows or macOS desktop paradigms you’re already comfortable with.
But let’s take a peek at what’s coming next.

This week, the Deepin Linux Youtube channel quietly released a preview of its Deepin v20 Launcher (just one component of the forthcoming OS), and it’s bound to turn some heads. Take a look:

It’s merely a tease ahead of this November’s expected Deepin v20 beta release, but the Deepin developers have apparently devoted most of 2019 working on the upcoming version. From the category-driven app browser and animations, to the basic desktop layout we see in the teaser video, things appear quite polished already.

The link:


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Anyone experience with Manjaro Deepin? When Deepin is the most beautiful desktop (I like Pantheon desktop of Elementary and Budge desktop on solus also), then with Manjaro it has rolling releases meaning no re-installs, just updates ((I just updated to linux kernel 5 on my low spec laptop :) )


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I am ready with my study (webdesign - online marketing), but my final thesis was rejected because the company which offered me a workplace for my thesis, decided to use it commercially to fast breaking some rules related to thesis topics. The company compensated me by offering a part time job (part time because I need time to finish a new thesis). Because I had to pay school for a whole year, I bargained a deal that I could folllow another minor without needing to pass the exams 👍

So I am doing a minor on security now. Last topic was how safe is open source software?

The answer was a bit disappointing: Transparency is no guarantee for security. The Deepin Linux OS was mentioned as an example:

1. An OS has just to many lines of code to be checked manually, reducing transparency to something meaningless in practice. Automated checks (like some play stores have), even miss ' active leaks' while the code base of an extension or App is just a fraction of the code base of an entire Operating System plus Desktop environment

2. The ' hole' does not have to be an ' active leak' like ' ET phone home' type of backdoor, but could be a well crafted 'passive leak' like a vulnerability, which could be used when needed. The vulnability reports are a living proof that this happens for software of which their developers don't want them to have any bugs at all.

3 A vulnerability is easier to use in a predictable manner (which is the requirement for a vulnerability to be promoted to an exploit) when context information is available about the targets computer hard- en software. Deepin sends home telemetry data (the CNZZ analysis service) which is no worse or better than Google's telemetry data collection (like user agent and screen resolution).

Conclusion: ..... all conditions are set to misuse Deepin and it is up to your trust in people in general on whether to use this splendid linux distro or not (It is developed by a Chinese company), but ..... the same applies to software of Google and Facebook, so what else is new?

My teacher ended the this topic with a scene out of House of Cards in which Frank Underwood says "Good things happen to good people". :unsure:
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